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Filtro de densidade neutra graduado K&F SJ52 GND8 100 * 150mm reverso 3 f-stop

5 3 comentários KF01.1148
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R$489 R$539 9% OFF
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept filtro de densidade neutra graduado k&f sj52 gnd8 100 * 150mm reverso 3 f-stop online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF01.1148
  • Modelo: KF01.1148
  • 489
  • • Filtro graduado ND8 (0,9) de 3 paradas feito de galões ópticos de alta qualidade da Alemanha, maior clareza óptica e fidelidade de cores.
  • • A densidade neutra K&F adota um revestimento gradual exclusivo de pesquisa e desenvolvimento, a luz do ultravioleta à luz infravermelha próxima pode passar uniformemente.
  • • Esmerilhamento óptico de dupla face e polimento para garantir o alto paralelismo óptico e suave para garantir a alta nitidez da imagem.
  • • Tecnologia de camada de nano revestimento, revestimento verde à prova d'água, resistente a arranhões e anti-reflexo, efetivamente impede óleo, impressão digital, risco, protege lentes valiosas.
  • • Permitir a redução da luz em parte de uma cena, equilibrando luz e escuridão para uma exposição uniforme (pôr do sol, nascer do sol). Pode caber no suporte de filtro Lee e no suporte de filtro Série Z da Cokin.
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Filtro 3 f-stop GND8 de densidade neutra graduada reversa 100 * 150mm
Filtro reverso graduado de densidade neutra GND8 3 f-stop
e é feito com vidro óptico alemão premium.
Vidro ótico
Revestimento multicamadas
Sem vinhetas
Baixa refletividade

À prova d'água e anti-incrustante
transmitância de luz
Revestimento antirreflexo de dupla face
Por revestimento anti-reflexo multicamadas de dupla face, a luz refletida pode
ser reduzida para menos de 0,4% para eliminar a influência na imagem.
Revestimento multicamadas de baixa refletividade
Reduz o brilho causado pelo reflexo difuso
Revestimento Nanômetro
À prova d'água, resistente a óleo, resistente a arranhões
Com filtro GND8
Corrija a transição de exposição para renderizar a foto perfeita
Sem filtro GND8
A foto da exposição da transição do céu está danificada
Experiência do usuário / imagem do usuário
Comentários (3)
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Top Quality and Price Point
After looking at competitors and trying brand names one, found these at the fraction of the price, without a compromise with quality. The entire user experience from delivery is exceptional. You are very much buying a high-end product without the overpriced name brand. I bought these to help with my landscape photography, and they work exceptionally well with my Sony A7iii. The camera practically sees at night, to get a long exposure without this filter was incredibly difficult I would often have a very split picture with the moon/sun being very bright on the top end and the everything below the sky in complete darkness. After using the graduated filter, any additional adjustments happened at a snap. The material feels very sturdy, although I don't plan on testing the limits, I do believe that it is scratch-resistant. Looking forward to sunsets come spring to test this out further.
Top Quality and Price Point Top Quality and Price Point Top Quality and Price Point Top Quality and Price Point
2021/11/01 00:00:00
purchase recommendation
I have been thinking about buying a graduated filter for a long time, although the prices of Nisi, Haida etc. around 150 euros have always put me off.
Then I came across the filters from K&F, because the filters were in a reasonably priced framework, I ordered them.
The extremely beautiful and high-quality packaging should also be emphasized. Here you get an artificial leather case that is lined with fine fabric on the inside and has incorporated 2 magnetic buttons. This case is in a nice padded cardboard box, very valuable and stable so I wasn't really disappointed.

Filter holder:
First of all, it must be said that you of course need a filter holding system for the filter. This is well made and serves its purpose. Here comes the filter holder in a padded cardboard box. The scope of delivery includes the filter holder and 8 adapters in the size 49mm - 82mm.
purchase recommendation purchase recommendation
2021/09/14 00:00:00
my first graduated filter
I've been thinking about buying a graduated filter for a long time, In the end I decided to buy a K&F sales filter, which was a lot cheaper, and I really wouldn't be disappointed!

+ Nice transition
+ High quality glass
= High quality workmanship

The filter does what it should, it easily darkens an overexposed sky and saves me so much work in post-processing in Lightroom.
my first graduated filter my first graduated filter
2021/09/05 00:00:00
Great price-performance ratio
Very good for the price top. The workmanship is also in the upper range. I will buy more filters from K&F company.
Great price-performance ratio
2021/10/26 00:00:00
Great quality
palled at the price of Lee filters and holders I decided to try the K&F kit. The quality of manufacture and packaging feels top-notch and using the Reverse Grad ND filter for dawn landscapes I could find no adverse effects.
Great quality
2021/10/25 00:00:00
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