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SNJ51T Square ND1000 + GND8 + Conjunto de suporte de filtro de metal quadrado

4.7 45 comentários SKU.1601
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R$759 R$999 24% OFF
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept snj51t square nd1000 + gnd8 + conjunto de suporte de filtro de metal quadrado online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • SKU.1601
  • Modelo: SKU.1601
  • 759
  • • ND1000 impede efetivamente mais do que luz, interfere com o visor, garante a qualidade da fotografia e pode reproduzir uma certa função à prova de poeira e à prova d'água, que é muito adequada para fotografar paisagens.
  • • O material do filtro é vidro óptico de nível superior, que adota um revestimento aprimorado multicamadas de dupla face, que pode efetivamente reduzir a reflexão da superfície do filtro. Reduz muito o brilho causado pelo reflexo da linha externa da lente de longa exposição e garante uma qualidade de imagem de primeira classe.
  • • Filtro quadrado de gradiente suave GND8, o tamanho é quadrado 100x150mm, o peso do produto é 47,5g, a espessura da lente é 2mm, o diâmetro da lente aplicável é 98mm e abaixo, a redução de luz é 3 engrenagens (0,9), a transmitância é 12,5%, A refletividade é de 1,5%. A placa quadrada GND8 tem excelente taxa anti-reflexo. A taxa anti-reflexo de mesmo nível na indústria é de apenas 2%, e a da resina plástica chega a 4,5%.
  • • O material do suporte do filtro do sistema de 100 mm é feito de alumínio de aviação por meio de processamento de integração CNC e a superfície é preta fosca e oxidada;
  • • Incluído 49/52/58/62/67/72/77/82, sete adaptadores, perfeitamente combinados com a lente
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ND1000 Square Filter
A tecnologia de revestimento multirresistente reduz significativamente o reflexo e o efeito fantasma da lente, enquanto torna o filtro anti-riscos, repelente de água e resistente a óleo e poeira adequado para os rigores da fotografia de aventura.
O filtro ND1000 de recurso
fornece reduções de 10 f-stop e é feito com vidro Ótico Alemanha premium.

Revestimento multicamadas

Vidro de cor primária HD
resistente a riscos
Alto grau
de redução
transmitância de luz
Vidro óptico de cor primária ND1000 - espelho parabólico duplo
Os espelhos de vidro sem projeção dupla, especialmente aqueles com distância focal mais longa, são desfocados.
Scratch Resistant
The filter anti-scratch, water repellent, oil & dust resistant fit for the rigors of adventure photography.
Primary color glass coating
Water droplets are round.
Other lenses
Water droplets scattered.
Without ND Filter
1/6″ Shutter Speed
With ND Filter
2.5″ Shutter Speed
Soft Graduated Neutral Density
GND8 3 f-stop Filter 100*150mm
Double-sided Anti-reflective Coating
By double-sided multi-layer anti-reflective coating, the reflected light can
be reduced to below 0.4% to eliminate the influence on imaging.
Multi-layer Coating Low Reflectivity
Reduce glare caused by diffuse reflection
With GND8 Filter
Fix the exposure transition to render the perfect photo
Without GND8 Filter
A foto da exposição da transição do céu está danificada
Comentários (45)
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Very impressive and careful packaging!!
Arrived a day before scheduled delivery, BUT _no_ notice it was being delivered today and we were thinking of going out to enjoy the sunny day! Before you rip the inside black & orange boxes apart: the boxes can be opened from the front pulling from the bottom front edge. Very well-packaged and product presentation! Following instructions within, screwed in the lens filter adapter first, then clipped the filter holder to that. Ring edge away from the orange filter holder tab must be edged in at an angle first, then leveling the filter holder, push the tab to finish the placement. Easy! Practice a few times before going out since IF not mounted correctly, it'll feel as if the filter holder is in place but still isn't. My older 100x80mm filters fit also, so I can still use older filters as needed. Box cutter placed in pictures for size comparison. Will update as necessary when I use it out in the field, BUT I can already see using filters in my future will be a LOT easier and enjoyable!!!
Very impressive and careful packaging!! Very impressive and careful packaging!! Very impressive and careful packaging!! Very impressive and careful packaging!! Very impressive and careful packaging!! Very impressive and careful packaging!!
2021/08/18 00:00:00
Flexible, easy-to-use, basic square filter holder
This is the real deal in terms of money and quality !!! Great design, look and feel. Comes with a soft pouch which is nice ,i use this nd on my miami trip With my 16-35 it works fine , this is just a raw files and you can say a test shot with two different wb,
Flexible, easy-to-use, basic square filter holder Flexible, easy-to-use, basic square filter holder Flexible, easy-to-use, basic square filter holder Flexible, easy-to-use, basic square filter holder Flexible, easy-to-use, basic square filter holder
2020/01/15 00:00:00
Top Quality and Price Point
After looking at competitors and trying brand names one, found these at the fraction of the price, without a compromise with quality. The entire user experience from delivery is exceptional. You are very much buying a high-end product without the overpriced name brand. I bought these to help with my landscape photography, and they work exceptionally well with my Sony A7iii. The camera practically sees at night, to get a long exposure without this filter was incredibly difficult I would often have a very split picture with the moon/sun being very bright on the top end and the everything below the sky in complete darkness. After using the graduated filter, any additional adjustments happened at a snap. The material feels very sturdy, although I don't plan on testing the limits, I do believe that it is scratch-resistant. Looking forward to sunsets come spring to test this out further.
Top Quality and Price Point Top Quality and Price Point Top Quality and Price Point Top Quality and Price Point
2021/11/01 00:00:00
Great Entry Level Filter Just Amazine
This is the second one I have bought. Both have been great! And the customer service was excellent!
Great Entry Level Filter Just Amazine Great Entry Level Filter Just Amazine Great Entry Level Filter Just Amazine
2021/08/09 00:00:00
my first graduated filter
I've been thinking about buying a graduated filter for a long time, In the end I decided to buy a K&F sales filter, which was a lot cheaper, and I really wouldn't be disappointed!

+ Nice transition
+ High quality glass
= High quality workmanship

The filter does what it should, it easily darkens an overexposed sky and saves me so much work in post-processing in Lightroom.
my first graduated filter my first graduated filter
2021/09/05 00:00:00

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No. This filter holder can only hold 2 filters. I believe the more prudent course would be to get a filter that is rated for more stops and can replace two filters that are rated for less stops. There are filter holders that do hold 3 filters but they are smaller than the K&F filter holder (which is 100 x 100 mm). And in my opinion, the quality of those 3 fitter holders that are located on Amazon is less than the K&F system. 
Yes, you can add filters in this holder, two to be exact and as far as the thickness of the filter goes, I have no idea. I own several different name brands of filters which I use in this holder without any problem. All the filters I own fit nicely into the holder and for myself, I have never really given any thought to the filter thickness, however you will be able to fit only one filter per slot. Sorry I cannot be of more help but this filter works great for my photographic needs. 
If the filter size for your lens any of these adapter ring ( 52mm/ 58mm/ 62mm/67mm/ 72mm/ 77mm/ 82mm) then yes. 
I've been using ND filters for years, don't need to wrap it. All you need to do is keep in the pouch; handle with care. Use the same spray liquid that you would use on a lens if needed other than that same lens cloth to keep it clean. If you get a few more square filters a filter pouch is a nice addition. 
I did no use the leather pouch. I purchased a Neewer shoulder pouch. It held everything and easy to get in and out. I carried the 10ND and a 3 ND soft graduation filter. 
K&F Concept Square Filter Kit ND1000 + GND8 + Metal Square Filter Holder Set SNJ51T
K&F Concept SNJ51T Square ND1000 + GND8 + Metal Square Filter Holder Set