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Filtro ND ND8-ND2000 de densidade neutra variável de 67mm para lentes de câmera com revestimento multi-resistente, à prova d'água

4.4 9 comentários Modelo:KF01.1271
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R$269 R$245
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  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept filtro nd nd8-nd2000 de densidade neutra variável de 67mm para lentes de câmera com revestimento multi-resistente, à prova d'água online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF01.1271
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Filtro ND ND8-ND2000 de densidade neutra variável de 67mm para lentes de câmera com revestimento multi-resistente, à prova d'água
  • • ND8-ND2000: Feito com vidro Japan Optics premium, o anel rotativo entre ND8-2000, ajustado de 3 a 11 pontos, reduz a quantidade de luz sem afetar o equilíbrio de cores.
  • • Revestimento Verde Multi-Resistente: revestimento verde de 18 camadas para ajudar a repelir água e poeira, reduzindo a quantidade de luz que atinge o sensor da câmera, dando a você a chance de experimentar diferentes possibilidades criativas.
  • • Ultrafino: a estrutura do filtro é de apenas 7,5 mm e o anel CNC super leve usado na construção impede efeitos adversos.
  • • Filtros ND: permite que velocidades lentas do obturador sejam usadas para gravar movimentos em assuntos como cachoeiras, proporcionando um efeito suave e sedoso à água corrente.
  • • Nota: Este kit de filtro é compatível com todas as lentes de 67 mm. Verifique o tamanho da rosca da lente da sua câmera antes de fazer o pedido. O tamanho da rosca da lente da sua câmera será marcado em algum lugar no corpo da lente ou impresso embaixo da tampa da lente. Este número é sempre precedido por um símbolo "ø" (diâmetro).
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Variável ND8-ND2000
Reduz a quantidade de luz que entra na lente, diminuindo a velocidade do obturador da câmera. Útil para situações em que é necessário criar desfoque de movimento (rios, cachoeiras, pessoas em movimento) ou aberturas grandes devem ser usadas com flash para evitar superexposição.
Sem filtro ND
Usar contraste
With ND Filter
Sem filtro ND
With ND Filter
Permite que velocidades lentas do obturador sejam usadas para gravar movimentos em objetos como cachoeiras, proporcionando um efeito suave e sedoso à água corrente.
Sem filtro ND
With ND Filter
9 Pára de Variável
9 opções de redução de luz e faixa de operação da lente grande angular
Quadro padrão requintado
Frame trapezoidal do teste padrão do CNC
Revestido em ambos os lados
Redução da dispersão da luz
Revestimento nanométrico
Impermeável, resistente a óleo, resistente a riscos
Exquisite Box
evita danos durante o transporte
NDnumber Densidade ótica redução f-stop Transmitância fracionária
  0 0 0 0 100%
ND2 0,3 1 1 50%
ND4 0,6 2 25%
ND8 0,9 3 12,50%
ND16 1.2 4 6,25%
ND32 1,50 5 3,13%
ND64 1.8 6 1,56%
ND100 2 6 23 1%
ND128 2.1 7 0,78%
ND256 2.4 8 0,39%
ND400 2.6 8 23 0,25%
ND512 2.7 9 0,20%
ND1024 / ND1000 3 10 0,10%
ND2000 3.3. 11 0,05%
ND4000 3.6. 12 0,025%
ND8000 3.9 13 0,0125%
ND32000 4.5 15 0,003%
Avaliação geral   4.4   
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It's a Keeper!
Before every business trip I try to upgrade my gear.I already have a number of fixed ND filters for video however every so often, you want to have some flexibility or "just in case." As such, I picked up this variable ND filter from K&F.Overall impressions are quite good .The filter feels solid, there were no imperfections on the glass upon delivery and it came packaged well in its own case. This filter case is slightly bigger than the one I picked up with my CPL filter from K&F.The filter screwed on and off the lens with no issues and functioned smoothly, changing from low to high (ND8 to ND2000). This is a free moving ND filter so there are no bump stops, etc. Dial it in to what you have. The filter, as you can see in the pictures does come with easy to see markings.The only things to be aware of, and this is my first variable ND filter... while my fixed Hoya ND filters easily functioned with the lens sun shade, the variable ND filter is a bit thicker. In any case I suppose you would not be able to adjust it if the hood was on, unless you have a cut out in your sun shade.Overall, good filter, and while it is not cheap junk sub $20... it is certainly not going to burn a hole in your wallet.3 year warranty is a plus.
It's a Keeper!
2020/07/19 00:00:00
Great addition to any photographer's gear bag
I shoot a lot of video with my Sony a7iii and often outdoors in the middle of the day. As any filmmaker knows, it can be very bright during this time and if you want to follow the 180 degree shutter rule, then you will need an ND filter to cut off some light. This ND filter does the job very well and the best part is that it is also a variable ND filter meaning that instead of taking the whole ND filter off, you can just turn turn the filter manually to adjust it's intensity. I got the 82mm since that's my largest lens and if you do this, you can just buy step up rings to adapt this to different lenses with smaller filter threads.
Vignetting and big "X" at high ND
Obvious vignetting and big "X" at high ND levels. Of course at this price you can't expect a perfect product. But these defects will affect photo quality. So I choose to return it. If you don't mind, use the low ND levels and it works fine!
2020/07/12 00:00:00
Nice & Sharp and Great Quality
I've used it once and I paired it with a 10 stop ND filter with this and I was able to set my camera set at 30 seconds, f11 and ISO 50 in the middle of the day but with the 10 stop I could only get it to 10 seconds, f11, ISO 50. I was surprised to see that when I got home to edit the photos there was no noticeable loss in sharpness with both ND filters on and this being a variable ND filter they're notoriously known to be less sharp than a constant ND filter. I can't wait to test this out on a waterfall but being that it's summer in San Diego right now I'll have to wait to try it out but along the coast I prefer the 10 stop ND filter and being able to drag that shutter longer. The front of this variable ND filter is quite large so your lens hood won't fit on there which can be an issue with unwanted lens flares but the K&F 10 stop ND filter I used with this you're able to mount the lens hood still. I received this filter free of charge to test it out so take my review with a grain of salt but if you do choose to get this I highly recommend getting a 10 stop as well because you'll be limited to 2-3 second shutter speeds with this alone at it's darkest setting in the middle of the day where the sun is bright like it is here in Southern California. I forgot to mention that there are notches on the side and tells you the minimum - maximum darkness and each stop between so there isn't any guess work involved but I do like the fact that I was able to set my settings I wanted and just rotated the front element until my camera read that I was properly exposed.
2020/07/02 00:00:00
Does what it needs to but still has room for improvement
I got the variable filter so I could 1. take pictures outdoors in bright light without messing with my f-stop. 2. Not have to have several filters with me.Pros:It's variable so I can adapt for whatever the outside throws at me.It's inexpensive compared to othersYou get a lot of stops to choose fromMight be able to use the max setting for solar eclipse portraits.Cons:It doesn't have any hard stops or clicks when your changing from one setting to another.Stops are denoted by Min, then boxes, then Max at the end but you can keep going beyond Max or before Min to basically do a 360 rotationSome vignetting at max (see sun picture).The various stops are only noted by boxes rather than numbers.Has a carrying case, but would rather have a pouch or something else.Basically all the cons are ways this thing could be improved Firstly I'd like to see some hard stops put in at min and max, and then noticeable feedback when you go from stop to stop. I get the smooth gliding MIGHT be used during filming or continual shots, but I doubt that.Ultimately, this filter will serve until I can afford a higher end one.
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