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Adaptador Lentes EOS-E para corpo Sony NEX, com conexão para foco automático e suporte para tripé

Modelo: KF06.433

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Adaptador Lentes EOS-E para corpo Sony NEX, com conexão para foco automático e suporte para tripé
2020/03/03 00:00:00
I ran a few tests with this adapter and here is what I have found.On the Sony a6000 it works for OK for taking photos.On the Sony a6500 it works well for both photos and videos.Note that your camera body and lens will render different results. This is due to the cameras and lenses. I compared this lens adapter to the Sigma MC-11 adapter and this worked just as well (and in at least one case better). Unfortunately I was only able to test on the aforementioned camera bodies so you will definitely want to do your research on which camera body you have to see if a lens adapter will work for you or not.If I were to give general advice it would be this: You can expect a lens adapter to work pretty well for taking photos but it will be hit or miss (probably mostly miss) for taking video.With my Sony a6000 I used this with the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. The autofocus worked pretty well for photos. It didn't really work for video; too much focus breathing. I also tried with a Tamron 18-200 zoom lens. Autofocus worked ok for a zoom level of about 18 - 80; beyond that it really struggled. I didn't bother with video.With the Sony a6500 I tried a Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 lens. Both photo and video worked flawlessly. The Canon 50mm worked great for photos but not as well for video.Ultimately what I concluded is that this lens adapter works about as well as you can hope for a lens adapter. If this is your first time using a lens adapter though, you should not be under the false impression that this will work flawlessly for all camera bodies and lenses. In general, it will probably work better with newer bodies and newer lenses. For me it, it allows me to take photos with some of my older Canon lenses so I get great value out of this.