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Filtro UV HD Ultrafino, diâmetro 72mm

Modelo: KF01.1070

Avaliação geral 5   1
Filtro UV HD Ultrafino, diâmetro 72mm
2019/02/26 00:00:00
Overall, I am super satisfied with this recent purchase from K&F Concept. As this brand is always one of top recommendations when it comes to photography accessories and gears, I always go back to this brand for every photography needs!My first purchase was the photography backpack then a tripod and both are my faithful companions for every photo trip I take and now, the UV Filter. As you may have already known, buying a UV filter to your expensive lens is like an extra layer of security and insurance for unexpected events and accidents such as drops and bumps to your treasured lens. Therefore, a trusted brand is always your go-to. Except for me, I skimmed by B+W, Sigma, AmazonBasics, etc. to land with K&F because of my solid experiences with this lens.Even though this product has no previous review and I might just be the very first, it certainly didn't disappoint me in various aspects of the product:Packaging: the packaging was fine and simple, it didn't take a lot of real estate to for a lens filter. Provide adequate protection to your product and the filter came with no blemish.Lens Filter Itself: the first thing I notice is how low profile it is because it doesn't protrude out as much as other filters I have had in the past and it feels solid in your hand without being too heavy. Installation was an ease as well and it takes no effort to screw it on your lens thread.Cannot tell any difference between the photo quality it provides because I have not yet take my new lens outdoor yet but I firmly with my extra layer of protection, my mind will be at ease with my new lens on my next outdoor adventure!
K&F Concept Once Again Delivered! K&F Concept Once Again Delivered! K&F Concept Once Again Delivered! K&F Concept Once Again Delivered!