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Kit 11 anéis adaptadores de diâmetro StepUp

4.7 72 comentários SKU0800
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R$54 R$71
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept kit 11 anéis adaptadores de diâmetro stepup online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • SKU0800
  • Modelo: SKU0800
  • 54
Compre mais de 2 itens e receba 10% de desconto !
  • * Adaptadores Step-Up incluídos: 26-30mm, 30-37mm 37-43mm, 43-52mm, 52-55mm, 55-58mm, 58-62mm, 62-67mm, 67-72mm, 72-77mm, 77 -82mm
  • * Compatível com todas as marcas de lentes: Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, Sony, etc.
  • * Perfil superfino, polido com tratamento superficial rigoroso
  • * Como usar um step-up ring: O primeiro número é sempre o tamanho da rosca da sua lente; o segundo número é o tamanho do filtro ou acessório que você quer colocar nela. Então se você tem um filtro 72mm, mas a sua lente é 67mm, você vai usar o step-up ring 67-72mm, para poder usar o filtro na sua lente.
  • * Não recomendamos usar vários step-ups empilhados para alcançar o diâmetro desejado, pois este empilhamento pode causar vinhetas e outras manchas na foto,principalmemente no caso de fotos com lente grande-angular.

11pcs Step Up Adapter Ring
Converts the thread size of your lens to the thread size of any other accessory (such as filters, hoods, flashes and lens converters)
Easily screws onto the front of lens of the same thread
Brand new & high quality
Solid and light-weight
Great tightness, no wobbling or cross-threading
Superfine frame polished with strict surface treatment
Fits any lens with the same filter thread; manual or autofocus, digital or film.
The first number is always the lens thread size, the second number is the filter size of the accessory.
If the first number is smaller, it's a step-up ring.

Comentários (72)
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Functions Perfectly. Snug fit, easy to unscrew.
These are great step-up rings. I was skeptical based on their price. I have used them with ND filters on Fuji and aftermarket lenses, and they performed perfectly.They fit well together and sit great on the lens. They didn't let any light seep in, and I unscrewed them without any issue. I can't imagine that more expensive step-up rings would do anything differently, and so I'd recommend these as very worthy alternatives.
2021/01/12 00:00:00
Solid and value for money.
I have read many reviews about cross-threading and rings getting stuck: I have not experienced any problems: they just work!, Any threaded product will cross thread without due care: from automotive wheel nuts to engine block bolts. I use mine with gentle fingers and take my time- and do not force it onto vintage lenses with out-of-round filter ring threading damaged due to a fall! My only gripe with this set is that it does not have a 49mm ring for many of my 28mm vintage lenses.
2020/12/14 00:00:00
Threads just fine
There are lots of reviews complaining about the threads. Mine came threaded together half and half. The threads are great, the rings thin, if you tighten them it can be hard getting a grip to unscrew them, but they still come apart without incident. If mine had come cross threaded I would have sent them back, but they didn't and I didn't. They are nicely made, work great, and quite inexpensive.
2020/11/16 00:00:00
Work as expected
Not much to say other than these work exactly as expected. I am content
2020/11/12 00:00:00
A must if you wanna save money buying filters
Look... When you buy filters... It can get expensive. The trick is simple. Since many lenses have different filter sizes you but the largest filter you can... Then get a set of these step down rings to put your larger filter on your smaller lens and save money. This kit has MOST of the popular sizes! A great buy.
2020/09/09 00:00:00
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