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Tripé + Monopé (2 em 1) compacto, em alumínio, com cabeça BallHead - Dobrado 50cm / Alt. Máx: 199 cm

4.7 75 comentários Modelo:KF09.087
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R$529 R$479
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  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept tripé + monopé (2 em 1) compacto, em alumínio, com cabeça ballhead - dobrado 50cm / alt. máx: 199 cm online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
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Tripé + Monopé (2 em 1) compacto, em alumínio, com cabeça BallHead - Dobrado 50cm / Alt. Máx: 199 cm
  • • A cabeça esférica de metal (Ballhead) oferece capacidade de carga de 10 kg, pode ser girada em 360 graus, inclusive com possibilidade de movimento apenas horizontal, ideal para fotos panorâmicas.
  • • Pernas com ajustes de 4 estágios, controlados por 3 travas de liberação rápida permitem ajustar a altura de trabalho de 59cm a incríveis 199cm, em segundos! Dobrado, ele fica com apenas 50cm de altura, facilitando seu transporte em situações de fotografia ao ar livre. Os pés possuem um sistema FlipLock, para esconder e revelar pontas de metal que servem para fincar o tripé em terrenos como gramados e terra, garantindo mais estabilidade
  • • Peso do tripé de 1,44 kg | Carga máxima: 10 kg. Tripé extremamente estável, pode ser o melhor companheiro das suas câmeras DSLR.
  • • Pode ser transformado em monopé, para tornar sua fotografia mais dinâmica. Acompanha bolsa de transporte.
  • • A coluna central pode ser montada de forma invertida, para aproximar a câmera do chão, ideal para fotos macro; Fale conosco se você precisa de outra sapata de engate rápido, para uma segunda câmera!
Tripé de câmera profissional de 80,7 polegadas
Cabeça esférica grande 360 ​​° e vista panorâmica de 28 mm
/ tripé de vídeo portátil 2 em 1 leve e portátil / gravação em múltiplos ângulos
Tiro panorâmico 360 °
Torne mais fácil para os entusiastas da fotografia realizar a fotografia panorâmica
Monopé destacável de 80,7 polegadas
Pode ser usado como monopé de câmera ou convertido em alpenstock de caminhada
Placa de liberação rápida
Todas as ligas de alumínio e magnésio com tecnologia forjada
22 libras (10 kg) de capacidade de carga
1,1 "(28 mm) As esferas grandes são mais estáveis.
Bloqueio de coluna central
Nível de bolha
Botão de ajuste de ângulo
Botão de travamento
Fotografia macro
O eixo central pode ser invertido para oferecer a opção de ângulos de disparo baixos.
Fácil de atirar
A altura máxima é 78,3 "(199 cm) e a altura mínima é 23,2" (59 cm)
Fácil de transportar
Tube made of high quality magnesium aluminum alloy, can be 180°reflexed, better portability.
Light weight hollow out design
Flip-locks System
Retractable foot nail
Avaliação geral   4.7   
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A sturdy tripod for beginners
The past few years I have had the fortunate opportunity to be able to try out many different types of camera equipment. I find that there are three big categories: heavy-duty, standard use, and travel. This tripod from K&F Concept is definitely designed to be in that third group. I have a couple of travel tripods that do a fantastic job of holding my full-frame Canon 5D Mark IV with a 70-200mm lens attached. I said that to mention that sometimes the smaller, lighter-weight tripods get the job done so you don’t have to haul around the heavier standard size mounts. K&F Concept did a nice job with the design of this tripod. It’s very lightweight at only 3.17 pounds, which is comparable to my travel-sized Manfrotto tripod.This tripod has an impressive total height to it of 78 inches, which should be enough for any photograph you need to capture. I am shooting a wedding in a couple of weeks and I have the idea of shooting above the audience from the back of the venue. At 78 inches, this tripod provides the necessary height to be able to achieve that ‘over-head’ shot I’m looking for. The ball head moves easily enough, but the numbers on the bottom dial are faded and printed in a very light color. It’s hard to read -- even in studio lighting. I personally think that those numbers should be printed in a brighter, more vibrant color -- maybe even neon.The legs extend easily, but the quick-release flip-locks have very sharp edges. I went to unlock one of the legs and the edge of the lock clipped my finger and I started bleeding. I was surprised to find such a sharp edge on a finished product like this. Another issue I found was with the center column. It seemed as though no matter how much I tightened it, I could still push the column down. I was only pushing down with as much force as a camera load would provide.I really like that the feet had spikes on them. This provides a lot of added traction especially out in nature. It’s not something you see on every tripod and it was a welcome surprise with this design.All in all, the K&F Concept 78-inch Camera Tripod is a decent, sturdy tripod for beginners. I think that professional-level photographers might find the same flaws with it that I did. I do think that any level of photographer can get use out of this -- especially in places where it might get destroyed. In other words, it’s a good backup tripod.
A sturdy tripod for beginners A sturdy tripod for beginners A sturdy tripod for beginners A sturdy tripod for beginners A sturdy tripod for beginners
2020/09/28 00:00:00
Good one for beginners
I have been using it with the original 5D for a few days. The tripod goes a lot higher than expected. There is a spirit meter. The ball is metal. The tripod mount is compact and feels strong. I couldn't test it in wind though.
Good one for beginners Good one for beginners
2020/02/20 00:00:00
Sturdy, light, and easy to adjust tripod
At $80, this is a solid tripod. Comes with a travel bag and allen keys to attach baseplate. An added bonus that it can also be used as a monopod although I will rarely use it for that. Legs are sturdy, easy to adjust, ballhead is solid and smooth, and baseplate seems strong and simple to attach onto camera. The bottom of the legs have rubber caps that can be removed to expose the metal feel. Im mainly using the tripod for long exposure shots, which it does well. The base has a hook to attach a bag for added stability. Overall, this is a great tripod for the money. I’ve had similar tripods in the past that were priced well above this one but this definitely it a good choice if you dont want to overspend.
Sturdy, light, and easy to adjust tripod Sturdy, light, and easy to adjust tripod
2020/09/16 00:00:00
Overall great tripod
Hi, I have been testing this for the last 3 days. The tripod feels sturdy even with large lenses on it. Being able to convert to a monopod is handy as you don’t have to carry both but the process does take a minute. At this price point, I was unsure of the quality of the tripod, but I can say that the concept is an amazing tripod for photography. It is rock solid even in winds. Although weight may seem like an initial con, the fact is that this tripod is light enough to carry with me yet heavy enough to sustain moderate to somewhat heavy winds for long exposures.If you are looking for a tripod for your camera that is of outstanding quality without breaking the bank, I highly recommend this tripod.Overall great tripod
Overall great tripod
2020/08/03 00:00:00
Fits in your backpack. STABLE: won’t get knocked off easily
I like how stable this tripod given it’s a very light camera tripod. I use it with a 70-200 lens and a heavy body on it and it’s still stable even when used at its tallest configuration. Another important feature for me is that when you fold it, unlike many others it fits in your backpack and you won’t have to carry an additional bag.
Fits in your backpack. STABLE: won’t get knocked off easily
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