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Filtro UV de Nano-X de 77mm Revestimento multi-camadas de 18 camadas

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  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept filtro uv de nano-x de 77mm revestimento multi-camadas de 18 camadas online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF01.969
  • Modelo: KF01.969
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Filtro MCUV
Filtros UV de alta qualidade podem ser montados permanentemente em lentes com um impacto mínimo na qualidade da imagem.
Como mostrado no relatório do espectrograma do seguinte teste, o K & F CONCEPT protege o MCUV efetivamente a 320 NM e apresenta a luz visível como a cor original do objeto. A transmitância do espelho MCUV atinge 99,6% através do teste do instrumento.
Resistente a riscos
Serve como um protetor de lente permanente
Revestimento Nanométrico
Impermeável, resistente a óleo, resistente a riscos
Moldura Ultra-fina de 0,13 ”
Os filtros são de rosca dupla
Revestimento nanométrico de camada múltipla
Redução de Reflexão
Filtro MC UV HD
Filtro não HD
Revestimento Multicamada UV MC
UV comum sem revestimento



Comentários (1)
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Mounting Resistance is futile
Once you get it threaded, all is fine but I had to mess with it a few times to line up the threads. And once you do it feels like you need to oil the threads to cut down on the resistance. Not like other filters I have that just glide on
2021/04/05 00:00:00
Value and Performance
I bought this filter with no knowledge of the company. I still don't know anything but what I have observed: it seems to be quality construction and, most importantly, I took it out shooting and the clarity and visual performance of my favorite Nikon wide angle lens remains just as superb as ever. So, it's a quality filter at a very good price.
2020/12/13 00:00:00
Clear and thin
Very thin
2020/12/13 00:00:00
Nice touches
Just got a new lens, needed a 77mm filter to protect it. I'm not going to sit and tell you this glass is better than some other glass. I just got it, and I'm not an optics expert.But, I will tell you the packaging was beautiful, the filter case- one of the nicest I've ever seen. It is circular- and holds multiple size filters with grooves in an internal bracket. So much nicer than the big clunky square filter boxes I've got from other brands.But- the killer was the filter being so thin- and that it has 2 areas that are gnarled, for you to grab it- while the rest is smooth- a really nice feature.Seems right at home on my Canon RF24-105/4 L IS USM.Didn't notice any difference in speed of focus- or aberration- but, again- I'm not a lab.I'm pretty happy with this brand. Didn't expect to be.
2020/09/03 00:00:00

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Yes it is threaded on the front side. 
If it is the correct size. I have a K&F on my 70-200mm f4 L IS USM (67mm) 
In addition to lens protection I specially like the K&F design with CNC precision-curved anti-slip teeth on the rim. If your Tamron lens cap is all smooth and not the centre-pinch snap on type then I don't think it will fit because of the corrugated teeth. 
K&F XU05 37mm UV Filter 18-Layer Multi Coated Nanotech Coatings