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Kit 3 filtros ND8 (3 Stops) + ND64 (6 stops) + Polarizador circular HD, diâmetro 82mm

Modelo: SKU1553

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Kit 3 filtros ND8 (3 Stops) + ND64 (6 stops) + Polarizador circular HD, diâmetro 82mm
2020/07/31 00:00:00
I was in need of a 82 MM PL filter, I wanted some ND filters so when I saw both at a lower price than the PL alone for the name brand I usually buy I was interested. As someone who spent years selling photo equipment of the pro level to pros I want quality. using with two high quality lenses the Nikon 105 1.4 and Nikon 80-400.Starting with the packaging the box was first rate, not just a cheap white box. The filters came with a case and I was expecting a wallet style, nice but inexpensive and I was please to see a high quality plastic case that provides better protection to the filters. Best designed case of it type I have ever seen, Thin design but thick strong plastic and with a unique rubber grip bonded in to allow filters of any smaller size to be securely held in place.While the packaging an case are important the real deal is the product itself . When I opened them I didn't immediately identify the PL as it was the same thickness as the ND filters. Most PL are thicker because of the rotating nature of the filter which can be a problem with WA lenses. Thin often equal flimsy but not in this instance the metal rings are of high strength , the filter rotates smoothly and are of good optical quality.A problem often encounter with PL filters is difficulty removing the filter, especially so with thin filters as pressure to the sides of the filter in removal will cause a filter to be temporaryly out of round and bind. With standard filters you apply pressure with the palm to remove the filter but that is not possible with a PL due to it's rotation. The thinness of the PL makes it difficult to just apply pressure to the sides and they have very thoughtfully made the two rings slightly different, The outer ring , the one you rerun to vary the effect of the PL is smooth, the inner ring has machined finish with narrow grooves that you can easily turn with a fingernail, a great solution . Of course part of easy removal is not to torque it down, it doesn't need to be tight.Dont frequently review products but his is one I strongly recommend, especially at the value pricing.