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Flitro ND1000 Fixo (10 stops), Nano-X, diâmetro 67mm

Modelo: KF01.976

2020/03/22 00:00:00
Good Entry Level ND 3.0
there is no real comparison between pro-level filters, but if you are using a Variable ND filter or don't have one. This is a good entry point. An ND 1000 ( ND 3) Filter will give you the smooth water look you are likely looking for. There is minimal color cast. I do wish the case was a bit smaller. for 67MM or smaller, the case is larger than it needs to be. It arrived with no scratches and threads are fine. Remember the rule for every stop you need to double your shutter speed ( open longer ); ND 1000 is 10 stop you leave your shutter open 10 times longer.