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Sapata de tripé e suporte para smartphone (2 em 1) padrão ArcaSwiss

5 3 comentários KF31.027
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R$119 R$149 20% OFF
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept sapata de tripé e suporte para smartphone (2 em 1) padrão arcaswiss online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF31.027
  • Modelo: KF31.027
  • 119
  • * Este produto inovador da K&F Concept consiste em uma sapata de tripé, padrão Arca-Swiss (compativel com a maiora das cabeças de tripé) que se transforma em um conveniente suporte para celulares.
  • * A montagem tipo Arca Swiss é o standard do mercado, compatível com 90% dos tripés e 100% dos tripés K&F Concept.
  • * Acompanha parafuso padrão de 1/4' , instalação muito simples em qualquer cabeça ballhead ou panhead no padrão Arca-Swiss
  • * Pesa apenas 59g e serve tanto para câmeras DSLR quanto para smartphones com 59 a 90mm de largura.
  • * Design multicolorido, agora disponível em vermelho, laranja e preto.
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A Precision little Tool!
This thing is made really well and is smaller than I expected, which is even better. It can be connected at virtually any angle imaginable and does just what is advertised; it makes the job quick and easy. It comes really impressively packaged too. I think this thing is Great and would definitely recommend it!
A Precision little Tool! A Precision little Tool! A Precision little Tool! A Precision little Tool!
2020/03/14 00:00:00
Good product
2021/07/25 00:00:00
good alternative to always switching plates
This does work on our large telephoto lens so now we don't have to remove the other one from the camera. This saves time when you have to switch between different lens.
2021/06/12 00:00:00
Well made
This is a really cool multi purpose plate— I record videos on both my lumix g7 camera and my cell phone (mostly for web content) and this little device has made the transition from cell phone to my g7 without much fuss on my tripod. It comes with a nice case to store when not in use— which is super sturdy on its own. This is a really well made piece of proper camera equipment perfect for people wanting to shoot videos on their cell phone too! I’ve really enjoyed using it.
2020/04/24 00:00:00
Very versatile quick release plate
I have a drawer full of tripod attachments and quick release plates and this one is the most unique and versatile of the bunch. First, it is a fully functional Swiss Arca plate that fits on my tripod heads that have that system. It is longer than most but that extra length is good when you need to balance the camera on the head by sliding it forward or back. But the fact that it folds and can be made into an iPhone Arca quick release plate is what makes it truly unique. The grip is just right -- not too tight but it holds the phone securely. Recently I have used it to hold a small video light to light my face in Zoom and Skype meetings. The maximum opening of the jaw is 3 1/2" (about 9cm) and the minimum is 2 3/8" (about 6cm). The build quality is outstanding, with extra rubber grip pads on every surface. Nice work!** I received this quick release plate in order to review it, but the review is based solely on my own experieces with it. I will update the review if anything happens that changes my opinion. Thanks for reading! **
2020/04/10 00:00:00

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K&F Arca Swiss Quick Release Plate for Camera and Smartphone