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Tripé compacto de pouco peso leve 52.8inch de TM2515B para Canon, câmera de Nikon DSLR

4.7 40 comentários Modelo:KF09.047
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R$499 R$441
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  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre tripé compacto de pouco peso leve 52.8inch de tm2515b para canon, câmera de nikon dslr online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF09.047
  • Em stock: Out Of Stock
  • 441
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Tripé compacto de pouco peso leve 52.8inch de TM2515B para Canon, câmera de Nikon DSLR
  • • Liga de alumínio de magnésio militar de qualidade, resistência à corrosão; Tripé com cabeça de bola pesa apenas 3,33 lbs, pode ser 180 ° reflexo e dobrado para 14,76 '', fácil de transportar quando viajar.
  • • Perna de tubo de 5 seções e o diâmetro máximo é de 25 mm; O botão de travamento tipo espiral permite que você ajuste a altura de trabalho de 14,76 '' para 52.8 '' em segundos; A altura sem coluna atinge 47 '', muito estável e a altura com coluna central é de 55.5 '', facilitando o disparo em pé.
  • • A cabeça esférica de metal pode ser girada em 360 graus, ajudando a expandir a faixa de atividade da câmera dslr quando fotografar em panorâmico (o nível da bolha ajuda a avaliar o nível ea composição precisa).
  • • Ele pode ser transformado em um monopé leve ou bengala sozinho para tornar sua fotografia mais diversificada.
  • • O disparo de ângulo mais baixo, o disparo macro e a fotografia especial podem ser conseguidos através do eixo central invertido. Nota: Para a câmera com lente zoom telefoto, você precisa comprar um anel de montagem de tripé ou um suporte de lente telefoto para melhor equilíbrio.
Monopé De Tripé De Alumínio
Parâmetro do produto
Seções 5
Altura mínima
15,4 "(39cm)
Altura máxima de
52,8 ″ (134 cm)
15,4 ″ (39cm)
Pequeno e leve
Peso: 36lbs (1.7KG)
Altura dobrada: 15 ”(39CM)
Não enferrujando
Todo o corpo feito de liga de alumínio e magnésio
Fotografia panorâmica de 360 ​​°

Rotação de 360 °
Escala Clara

Capacidade de carga 22lbs (10kg)
Junta de borracha e ficha de segurança traseira

Cabeça de bola de 1.1 ”(28 mm)
Grandes esferas são mais estáveis
Fotografia de baixo ângulo
O disparo de ângulo mais baixo, o disparo macro e a fotografia especial podem ser conseguidos através do eixo central invertido.
Ligas de alumínio e
Aperto de esponja densa
O botão de travamento tipo espiral torna a operação mais fácil e rápida
15,4 "(39cm)
Fácil de transportar
Tubo feito de liga de alumínio de magnésio de alta qualidade, pode ser 180 ° reflexo, melhor portabilidade.
Informações do Unipod
Altura: 141cm

Informações do modelo
Altura: 175cm
Avaliação geral   4.7   
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2018/12/12 00:00:00
Great rifle tripod for the price!
Nice quality, i added a rifle clamp to the ball head and it holds my 12 pound rifle no problem. Tripod gets super low when you change out the center pole to the stubby (included). Tripod legs will flex a little when they are fully spread, but have held up well so far. I would buy again if i had too. Cons: no spiked feet included, but some could be mounted if your handy
Great rifle tripod for the price!
2018/08/22 00:00:00
Pretty durable and very light tripod.
Used this tripod for multiple different configurations, for crane, for just a camera, and for massive lights. Every time was happy with results. Only one comment. You should understand that this tripod is too light for heavy video-head + full-size camera, but it's great for photography. :)
Pretty durable and very light tripod.
2016/05/29 00:00:00
Value-packed, nice, lightweight and compact. Load rating is inflated.
It's probably hard to pack more value than this in a sub-100 USD. It's not the best thing money can buy, but it's high quality in general nevertheless. There's no play in moving parts anywhere, legs swing very smoothly with a nice drag. Ball head was surprisingly good, I actually prefer this one to 90 USD Manfrotto 496 RC2 for its smoothness even though this one doesn't have a separate friction control knob (you use lock knob to control friction). Even the bag is a nice one, padded and substantial. I won't complain if this bag is a paid option, I'd gladly pay 20 bucks or so.It's very compact and lightweight. It fits in a carry-on luggage with a big margin (see my first picture). It weighs about 3.5 lbs including the head but without the bag and accesorries (a short column, a screw, and an Allen key). Even if you include everything, the weight is about 4.5 lbs.You can invert it so the camera stays very low, probably I don't use that feature too often but it should be useful for close-up pictures of flowers etc. You can also unscrew the padded leg to use as a monopod (which causes some problem, I'll explain later).Caveat 1:The "maximum load capacity" of 12kg or 26.5 lbs seems to be a gross overestimate. I don't know how they define this number so I cannot say it's wrong, maybe they're just saying that this will not break under 12kg load, which I can believe. But I can definitely say that this tripod has much more flex and wobble under the same load than Manfrotto MK294C3 that is only rated at 11 lbs. My second picture shows Manfrotto and this one (and 12 inch ruler) side by side, you can see that Manfrotto is a 3-section tripod (and made of carbon), which is inherently sturdier than this.Just as a test, I put my 480mm telephoto setup that weighs 13 lbs on this one. Nothing slipped when locked down, but the flex/wobble under the load meant that it was very difficult to point the camera to where I wanted. That's OK, the point of 5-section tripod is to achieve compactness at the expense of the rigidity. But don't plan to use a heavy telephoto with this one.Caveat 2:There's a big friction for the twist-lock action for the thickest leg section. I'm talking about the rotational friction between two parts that work as a single twist-lock part. That wouldn't be a big deal except that one leg unscrews from the hub for monopod operation, and when untwisting the twist-lock for that specific leg, quite often the leg itself is unscrewed instead. I know, this won't happen when I grab the thickest section of the leg rather than the leg hub when untwisting, I might get used to it, but it shouldn't be this way in the first place.All in all, IF compactness and lightweight are the two most important qualities, this is worth your consideration. If money is not an issue for you, there probably are better products. Otherwise, you might be pleasantly surprised by this one.
Value-packed, nice, lightweight and compact. Load rating is inflated.
2020/05/09 00:00:00
Happy with purchase
I like this tri-pod. Was everything I was expecting it to be.
2020/02/19 00:00:00
It works.
Works as advertised.
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