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Projetor WiFi na mesma tela, rotação de 360 ​​graus, 2800 lumens, tela de 120 polegadas, suporte 1080P full HD, luz LED, 50000 horas, projetor portátil compatível com TV stick, smartphone, tablet, HDMI, USB, VGA, AV padrão dos EUA

Modelo: GW49.0003US

I have a good moive night with my friiends!
I bought this Projoctor for my new house so that I can enjoy a moive night in weekend! It dont let me down! It make me feel easy to use, I can connect it with my loptop wireless. The image is so clear with High HD when I was watching Galaxy Guard with my friends! It was quick and hardly produced noise When it worked. This is wonderful one! I and my friends like it. I may need to parchure anohter good sound equipment for building my home theater, lol. I don't need to go to theater in COVID-19 time. And one for thing, the bag is good for carrying this Projector conveniently~
2021/04/17 00:00:00