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Kit de microfone USB 192K24Bit cardioide de alta taxa de amostragem com suporte cantilever de mesa para jogo de PC com gravação de voz profissional em karaokê

Modelo: KF10.020

Product does not work for xbox one but is worth the price if you are planning on getting a pc
From what I have heard about this usb microphone it is great for the money and I believe that. There are some things that I dislike though the boom stand is very hollow so when you flick it or just do something it will make more noise then needed but I get that they wanted to make this as cheap as possible. The other thing I dislike is that it does not for a Xbox one I had all the things I needed it to work but it did not I could hear my friends talking but could not talk I understand this microphone is for pc but please put somewhere that it does not for xbox. Since I don't have a pc I can not use this so I can't give a rating on the sound quality.
2021/04/01 00:00:00