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Adaptador Lentes Vintage M42 para corpo Fuji FX - Mod. M10115 (2020)

Modelo: KF06.434

2020/09/06 00:00:00
Fotodiox review adaptor on Nikon D7000
I have 5 canon FD lenses: Kalimar 28mm wide angle, Canon 50mm, Vivitar 55mm macro, Tokina 70-210mm zoom and a Vivitar 400mm telephoto.At the time of this writing I have purchased 2 Fotodiox FD-NIKON adapters, used in all the lenses above and I really happy with them. I am buying a third one soon.Is it worth? It depends:If you have a couple of old FD lens, the adapter is a small price to pay to put your lenses back in use, but if you have to buy the lenses and the adapter, you might check the price of a used Nikon lens first.These lenses are great for video as they have aperture rings and they create a creamy look to your footage.You will lose some light (around 0.6 stop) and there is also a crop factor to consider (1.26). If you are using on a D7000 (1.5 crop factor) your 50mm will become closer to a 100mm.