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Flitro ND1000 Fixo (10 stops), Nano-X, diâmetro 67mm

Modelo: KF01.976

2020/05/28 00:00:00
Really handy filter for landscape shooters
this is mega 10 stop ND!!!!!Admitted I won't use this often but during your vacation travels if you're the type that likes to lug around your already to shoot landscapes especially waterfalls and water movement then getting a budget ND will come in ultra handy and you can seriously get some unbelievable shots from it.You need this when you're out on that hike and discover a gorgeous water movement but its so bright you can't take the slow shutter shot without over exposing. What would normally take say 1/10000 shutter you use this 10 stop nd to get you to 1 second shot. You achieve some ultra buttery smooth water falls or mist. Something you really want active otherwise.I want to share some example of what this budget ND can do but the amazon platform currently isn't allowing photo uploads during covid. I shall update with pics another dayWhen i say budget filters, I'm comparing with +100$ b+w 10 stop ND. So if you're like me and enjoy landscape water photog as a hobby , and wont find yourself using it often then this is a pretty good buy at the 30-50 price range depending on filter size.Since its not a filter you normally leave on the lens I do appreciate the nice case it comes with. Keeps the filter centered and secure to throw in the bag.