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Adaptador Lentes Vintage M42 para corpo Sony NEX - Mod. M10115 (2020)

Modelo: KF06.435

2020/05/20 11:07:38
Finally an all-in-one solution
I had the previous K&F version, which had a shiny interior as well as an inner flange, which made it problematic with SMC Takumar lenses. Certain Takumars have an inner tab that moves with the aperture ring (that indicates the aperture on select Spotmatic bodies). The previous version was not very precisely crafted and therefore that tab would touch the inner flange. Therefore I needed a flangeless adapter for my 1.4/50 SMC Takumar. Until now. This new version still has a flange, to allow using the aperture ring on lenses without an A/M switch, but this model is precisely crafted and the tab no longer touches the flange, thus allowing worry-free use of the lens-adapter combo. This, plus the fact that the inner parts have gotten a new matte finish mean that this is finally an all-in-one solution for M42 lenses on Sony E mount bodies. Plus the design fits the aesthetics of my A7II perfectly. This is definitely a good, yet affordable choice. Recommended!
Finally an all-in-one solution Finally an all-in-one solution Finally an all-in-one solution