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67mm Filtro ND Variável ND2 a ND400 Densidade Neutra

Modelo: SKU0127

2020/02/05 00:00:00
Been using it on a Sony A6400 and it works for the most part. Sometimes certain shade lines are noticeable.Biggest gripe would be that it's 67 threaded on one side and way larger on the outside which means my lens hood can't be used with it and also I would need to buy a whole different lens cap to cover it. Because of those facts, I don't use it as often as I could.Also there's no stops at min and Max settings, it will just keep turning.It also came with dust particles in between the lenses.You get what you pay for I guess.With everything said, I have used it and it has came in handy a few times. Bottom line is, I rather have it than not.