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100x100mm Filtro ND1000 Nano-X

Modelo: KF01.912

2018/11/11 00:00:00
Very Nice
This is a more affordable alternative to the big names and I'm very impressed with the quality so far. It is shipped in a nice box and encased in its leather protective pouch. The pouch looks and smells like leather but I would be surprised if it actually is at this price. Regardless, it is nice quality and should hold up for a long time. I like the strong magnet closure as it is silent to open and close out in the field and strong enough to keep out dirt and dust. The filter itself is real glass and it is multi-coated as I can see color reflections when I turn it to different angles in the light. I have used it for one roll of film so far and it has worked well. Making exposure adjustments for 10 stops results in proper exposure so it is rated properly at 10 stops. I cannot comment on any color casts to color images as I only shoot B&W film.