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ID107Plus Smart Bracelet Rastreador de Fitness Monitor de Freqüência Cardíaca - Vermelho

Modelo: 01A00068R

2018/10/30 00:00:00
After one year I still love my lets fit!
This budget friendly activity tracker is a gem! I purchased it over a year ago and still wear it every day. I love the way it determines my sleep patterns, keeps track of my steps, & notifies me when I have incoming messages or phone calls. I’m not and exercise nut but I think anybody who wanted to keep track of their heartbeat doing exercising would be pleased as well. Software update since my purchases have made synchronizing so much more reliable. A simple pulldown of the home screen instantly starts to sync program which takes about six seconds. There are also other features that I don’t use.One caution is that if you have a job or hobby where you are moving your hands a lot, that movement does count as steps. I twist balloons for kids parties and when I’m practicing or at a gig my steps are significantly higher that day then they should be. The battery life before recharging is about four days. It takes about 40 minutes to charge. I do that when I’m in the shower and it worked out very well. I’ve compared the features of this unit two more expensive units and, honestly, don’t see that much of a difference for the money. I do wish there were some more tractive bands available for it but that is minor. It claims to be water resistant in the shower or by getting wet with the hose. However I’ve never tested it out and really don’t care. Waterproof isn’t something that I need, but it something that you need to be aware of the ratings if it’s important to you.