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KF150 TTL Marco Anel Flash para Canon EOS Rebel GN14

Modelo: KF22.005

2018/10/05 00:00:00
Good value product with some issues.
The product was a bit heavier than expected, and the coiled lead is quite tight and when on the lens, puts a lot of pressure on the front ring and feels like it is trying to pull it away from lens. After loading new batteries the unit did not want to turn on. After repeating the instructions a number of times eventually it turned on and seemed okay. After returning to the flash to play some more I had the same problem, don’t know if my batteries at fault or the connection is just temperamental. The product did arrive without the flash stand and I was disappointed that my 50mm 1.8 lens was not supported. I have emailed seller who responded positively but after submitting my full address for shipping a ring and stand they requested my phone number which I did not understand. I am currently thinking about just returning the item, but would have liked to test it in the field. Without these problems I a am sure it would have been a more positive review.