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KF150 TTL Marco Anel Flash para Canon EOS Rebel GN14

Modelo: KF22.005

2018/08/29 00:00:00
Very Good Value
I bought the KF-150 to replace an old Sunpak ringflash that I had used for many years. The main reasons for buying it was for ETTL control with my Canon 7D2 and the ability to control each side of the light individually.For a novice user the user manual could leave a bit to be desired but wasn't a problem for me. When I first used it noticed that one of the four retaining lugs that clip on the adaptor rings wasn't springing out very well but I presume that was probably due to a little spur on the plastic lug because it was fine after a little use. I was also puzzled by the LCD display because when first powered up it showed TTL and this only changes to ETTL with a half press on the camera shutter button, if the camera goes asleep it changes back to TTL, strange but not a problem. The only other minor niggle is that the coiled cable is very stiff and makes positioning the head a bit tricky.In use the flash is excellent giving very even lighting over a wide range of distances. I find I have to adjust the compensation to -1EV for macros of about 1:2 or less, I think this is more a deficiency of the Canon ETTL system.For most close and macro shots I find that an A:B ratio of 4:1 (or 1:4) gives the best lighting effect. I use it with NiMH rechargeable batteries which work very well.All in all a great ring flash which does exactly what it supposed to do at a great price and I would certainly reccommend it.