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KF150 TTL Marco Anel Flash para Canon EOS Rebel GN14

Modelo: KF22.005

2018/08/07 00:00:00
It just doesn't work...so, it's been replaced by a new one! Hooray! And it's working, and it's fine:)
************* NEW UPDATE************As promised, in 48 hours I had a new Macro Flash Ring delivered, this time fully functional. I was impressed by the customer service, even though it passed more than a month for a refund/replacement. It's the fourth item I bought from the same supplier, really good value for money. Thanks, guys, you deserve 5-stars.I've tested the product on two cameras (full-frame and APS-C), very responsive, recharging quick and both LEDs can be separately adjusted. A wide variety of adaptors to fit the most lenses and a nice bag to hold everything in it. First impression: ready good value for money. Robust construction, good illumination for the screen, easy to operate (very similar to the Canon flashguns).One snag though, the ring does not snap tight on​ to the adaptors and would come off quite easily if touched by something (especially with macro photography, where the subject or props are very close to the lens).*************** UPDATE*****************I have a very quick response from a company's sales rep and they offered to replace my faulty Ring flash. That shows professionalism, so wait and see when the product arrives.**************************************************************************************************************************************************************I've ordered the item together with a tripod from K&F Concept, more than a month ago (4th July). The Ring flash has arrived in a very fragile box... The tripod has been lost or damaged in transit and I have been refunded after a while.As I was away, I didn't have time to test the Ring. Today, I've tested it with two cameras (Canon 70D and 5D Mark III), but it doesn't work. Once it's ON it does a strange noise and the blue light is blinking. I've tried with two sets of battery fully charged (tested on other flashguns), but the lateral LED lamps do not turn on. The Main Lamp works, the LED screen is lighted, but that is all.Any chance to send it back if it hasn't been used at all (apart from unsuccessful attempts to make it work), even though has passed more than a month since I've ordered it?Many thanks,Marius Buculei