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Filtro ND2-ND400 Variável (1 a 8 2⁄3 stops), diâmetro 67mm

Modelo: SKU0127

2017/10/24 00:00:00
Go-to filter for nature photography!
I will admit I was skeptical after reading some of the negative reviews about vignetting and shadows and different color hazing and weird tints, but I figured for the price it was worth a shot. I really like the filter! Yes, the adjustments are a little tricky, but once you get used to the feel of it and use it for a while, it’s not hard to create beautiful images. I didn’t notice any color difference (no strange purples or blues) and didn’t notice a weird tint. Everything came out rich and natural.I took off 1 star because I noticed that when you shoot into the sun or a light source (which as a nature photographer can be hard to avoid), there is a slight ghosting - almost a reflection of the filter - that appears on your images. In the first picture I uploaded, I had to edit the ghosting out of the flat water. Using some type of shade seems to help, but now that’s one more thing I have to tote with me when I go...hence, minus 1 star.Other than that one issue, this is my go-to filter now for shooting waterfalls or any water based scenery. I love it!
Go-to filter for nature photography! Go-to filter for nature photography!