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Filtro ND1000 fixo (10 stops), revestimento multi-resistente, diâmetro 86mm

Modelo: KF01.1364

Excellent for long exposure work
A decent ND1000 82mm filter provided with an excellent carry case.I found this filter excellent when properly screwed on to my lens, vignetting was visable when not properly fitted. It is quite shallow which also helps here.Shots displayed are taken with Nikon Z6 & 14-30mm S line lens I had to stop down to F10 for 20secs & F13 20secs both shots ISO 50 to avoid blowing out the sun, shadows recovered in post processing.The filter was very easily wiped clean after being splashed by a wave, I think the coating definitely helped here.I am quite pleased with the product its defintely much better than my old 72mm
Excellent for long exposure work
2021/11/30 00:00:00