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Filtro 2 em 1 ND8 Fixo (3 stops) e Polarizador, revestimento multi-resistente, diâmetro 62mm

Modelo: KF01.1335

Perfect price and amazing quality!
I have an adjustable neutral density filter that I’ve always typically used for most of my waterfall photography. The hike that was coming up though was going to be a 10 hour hike, starting before sunrise. I wanted to be able to take my long exposure shots while also getting rid of the over glare of excess light on most of my shots. I wasn’t sure if this filter would be right for my purposes. I ordered it anyways, and the day before our hike I intended to test the filter at a single waterfall, and if it didn’t work as I wanted. I could always go back to my variable ND that I had used prior.

The filter is so much better than I expected. I used it the entire 10 hour hike. It’s likely going to replace my previous ND altogether. The pictures should be all the proof you need! Having the CPL during the challenging lighting moments gave me that extra few stops of light I needed to capture a perfect waterfall scene.
Perfect price and amazing quality! Perfect price and amazing quality! Perfect price and amazing quality!
2021/11/12 00:00:00