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Filtro de lente magnética ND8 de 72 mm, HD à prova d'água e anti-reflexo resistente a arranhões, série Nano-X

Modelo: SKU.1724

I love this magnetic ND filter!!!
About a month ago, I shot photos at a wedding on a mountaintop in Tennessee. It was in the middle of the afternoon and the sun was super bright at the location of the ceremony. The venue was huge and I wanted to pack my camera bag somewhat light so that I didn’t have to struggle with tons of equipment. The filter set from K&F concept was perfect for this type of work. The kit is lightweight and it makes it possible to use the one filter for several different sizes of lenses. During this wedding I was working with an 82mm lens and a 77mm lens as my primary glass. At the ceremony site, I had to quickly swap lenses and reapply the filter in order to get the shots the couple wanted. I found gaps in the ceremony where I could quietly and quickly change lenses and attach the filters without disturbing the event. It worked perfectly , I thought it was a lot easier than having to swap lenses and then screw filter into each lens.
2021/11/06 00:00:00