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Filtro de lente magnética ND64 de 52 mm HD à prova d'água resistente a arranhões e anti-reflexo série NANO-X

Modelo: SKU.1737

Just Buy It! A Variable ND Filter with no X Spot!
I've been looking for a decent Variable ND Filter for some time now and stumbled across this one from K&F.

Having recently purchased a new backpack from the brand and being impressed with the quality, I thought I'd treat myself to this filter. After all it claims to not have the dreaded X that almost all Variable ND Filters have. On first impressions the filter was packaged very well in a hard branded card box.

Getting my hands on the filter, I was amazed with the built quality and overall feel for the price! It feels well put together and durable.
2021/11/07 00:00:00