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Filtro de lente magnética ND64 de 52 mm HD à prova d'água resistente a arranhões e anti-reflexo série NANO-X

Modelo: SKU.1737

A great budget-friendly option for filters
A few years ago, I started beefing up my camera equipment. I had a Canon 5D Mark IV camera body, but didn’t have great glass. So, I started my gear journey by upgrading my lenses. I now have four amazing lenses. After I finalized my collection of lenses, I started looking at accessories I needed to accompany those lenses and came up with a short list of items that included high-quality filters. The problem I had was that I needed to be able have filters that works with all my lenses. Buying filters for each one of your lenses can get really cost prohibitive. K&F Concept has a great option for this type of set-up so I gave it a try.
2021/11/14 00:00:00