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22 em 1 stepup ring e stepdown ring

Modelo: SKU0802

2016/08/16 00:00:00
there great didnt know what to expect and how to use ...
there great didnt know what to expect and how to use them at first this is first time i heard of them my lens hood first on my lens of canon eos t3i but when i eveuntally sell it i will have to go out buy new lens or new lens hood i had to spend 27.99 on them but it was worht i scheptical at first but oncei found out how to use them they work great they dont feel for anyone who has worked with screws and washers you lens is piece of wood, step up and step down rings are washers, and screw is lens cap as shown with picture included you kinda see how they work with lens cap.find two rings one that fits onto lens and other fits on first ring that you put on lens second ring will be place holder for lens cap.,1 my only few complaints about products doesnt come with instructions for someone who is new to step up and down rings to show an example how to use them with lens hoods.2 you need play with rings to find out what fits lens perfectly can be little trouble some at times3 if you using them on basic lens with lens hood it is bothersome decide to keep lens hood attached to it or unscrew rings on lens to take lens hood off for me i mostly shoot inside buildings where lights are on so lens hood will stay on my macro lens to save time and trouble to take lens hood on and off at times4 here is link if you plan on using rings with wide angle lens must read first before you buy to use wide angle lens[...]
there great didnt know what to expect and how to use ...