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10-300 × 40 monoculares de zoom contínuo, telescópios de metal militar de alta definição e alta potência, com suporte para smartphone e tripé, monoculares de zoom ultra telefoto à prova d'água, usados ​​para observação de pássaros, caça, camping

Modelo: KF33.028

Great glass!
I really love this monocular. I have bad vision and my eyes are different enough that I have never done well with binoculars. So I decided to try a monocular. I bow hunt and my family bird watches. This has been excellent for us. I love the compact size. So I can keep it around my neck and it does not weigh a lot. It’s easy to bring up to see my shots. We also just keep it by the window so we can see any birds that come into our backyard. I would not hesitate to buy this again. You can use your phone and take pictures through it too.
2021/07/20 00:00:00