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Fones de ouvido Bluetooth TWS Stereo True Wireless Headset Earbuds In Ear Fones de ouvido viva-voz Fones de ouvido para celular ouro

Modelo: GW53.0047

Fantastic for budget ear phones. Almost perfect for premium ear phones
They work great! Absolutely Fantastic mic quality when your in a quiet environment. They don’t do the best job of handling Wind noise or background noise but for $40 you can’t complain. The Bluetooth works very well! I’m able to walk pretty far away from my phone and maintain a connection (however this will be partially dependent on our new devices that you’re connected to. If it has an old Wi-Fi protocol the device might not be able to transmit the signal very far)They have a good audio quality. And personally I think they sound better at higher higher volumes.These only have an advertised three hours of battery life but I don’t find it to be a problem at all (Of course whether or not this is an issue for you all depend on your lifestyle and how you end up using these.)
2021/06/19 00:00:00