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Mini câmera de vídeo profissional microfone shotgun com suporte antichoque

Modelo: KF10.026

Does not work for Zoom on my phone
The microphone itself is very good and well packaged. It fits perfectly and makes good audio recordings on my particular cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy J7 Star (Android 9). Unfortunately, I must disconnect the cable from my phone in order to play the recording back. The playback is silent until I unplug the cable, whereupon the audio immediately plays. This same thing happens with both of the cables provided. The need to disconnect the cable from my phone means I cannot use this microphone for a Zoom call, which requires capturing sound and playing sound at the same time.Another thing. I was hoping that this microphone would be louder than the built-in phone mic, but it is not. The volume level is indistinguishable. There is no mic gain adjustment on this phone.Since I have seen no others reporting this issue, I assume that the defect is with my phone, not the microphone. The cables are unlikely to be the cause, since I have tried both. Still, it does not work for my intended application, so I am returning it.
2021/03/20 00:00:00