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Webcam V30 1080P com microfone e luz de anel, webcam plug and play, brilho ajustável, webcam de streaming, webcam USB para PC desktop MAC, Zoom Skype YouTube

Modelo: GW50.0017

Perfect all round camera.
There is no way you'll regret your decision buying this camera.The camera quality is more than great for discord calls, recording, or any of the sort.There are a lot of cameras that have a tint of blue or green in the video, this one is very clear!it almost makes my room brighter than it really is.The focus of the camera works better than you'd expect, with two people in view it would prioritize my face, but you could see the box outlined around us both.The actual material quality of the camera itself feels fairly durable and looks high quality. I've dropped it a time or two and it's totally fine.The ring light as different settings, I find option 2 to be perfect if you want that glow look in your eyes as well as lighting up the room enough to capture everything.Option 3 hurts my eyes from just about every angle, but you know it works good!And last but not least, It's exactly what you'd expect out of the microphone.it is dreadful! If you have no other option i suppose it works, but no one else is going to want to hear you through this mic. You'll be made fun of in discord.
2021/06/11 00:00:00