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82mm ND8-ND128 Filtro ND Variável Densidade Neutra Nano-X

4.8 8 comentários Modelo:KF01.1080
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R$369 R$330
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept 82mm nd8-nd128 filtro nd variável densidade neutra nano-x online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF01.1080
  • Em stock: Existente
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82mm ND8-ND128 Filtro ND Variável Densidade Neutra Nano-X
  • • Feita por óculos óticos alemães, reduz a entrada de luz sem afetar o equilíbrio geral das cores.
  • • Tecnologia de camada de revestimento Nano, revestimento verde impermeável, resistente a riscos, anti-reflexo, efetivamente impedir de óleo, impressão digital, arranhão, proteja lente valorizada.
  • • NÃO "X" cruza imagens.
  • • Design de aro ultra fino evitando vinhetas de grande angular. Estrutura de alumínio extra resistente à aviação, garantindo durabilidade e prevenção contra interferência.
Frequently Bought Together
Reduz a quantidade de luz que entra na lente, diminuindo assim a velocidade do obturador da câmera. Útil para situações em que o desfoque de movimento precisa ser criado (rios, cachoeiras, pessoas em movimento) ou grandes aberturas deve ser usado com flash para evitar a superexposição.
Sem filtro ND
Use o contraste
Com filtro nd
Sem filtro ND
Com filtro nd
Permite que velocidades lentas do obturador sejam usadas para registrar o movimento em assuntos como quedas d'água, proporcionando um efeito suave e sedoso ao fluxo de água.
Sem filtro ND
Com filtro nd
Sem filtro ND
Com filtro nd
Sem filtro
Camada múltipla Revestimento nanométrico
Redução da reflexão
Resistente a riscos
Revestimento Nanométrico
Permite que velocidades lentas do obturador sejam usadas para registrar o movimento em assuntos como quedas d'água, proporcionando um efeito suave e sedoso ao fluxo de água.
NDnumber Densidade ótica redução de f-stop Transmitância fracionária
  0 0 100% 1
ND2 0,3 1 50% 0,5
ND4 0,6 2 25% 0,25
ND8 0,9 3 12,50% 0,125
ND16 1,2 4 6,25% 0,0625
ND32 1,50 5 3,13% 0,03125
ND64 1,8 6 1,56% 0,015625
ND100 2 6 23 1% 0,01
ND128 2,1 7 0,78% 0,0078125
ND256 2,4 8 0,39% 0,00390625
ND400 2,6 8 23 0,25% 0,0025
ND512 2,7 9 0,20% 0,001953125
ND1024 / ND1000 3 10 0,10% 0,001
ND2048 3.3 11 0,05% 0,000488281
ND4096 3,6 12 0,02% 0,000244141
ND6310 3,8 12 23 0,02% 0,000158489
ND8192 3,9 13 0,01% 0,00012207
ND10000 4 13 13 0,01% 0,0001
ND100000 5 16 23 0,00% 0,00001
Avaliação geral   4.8   
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2020/09/03 00:00:00
Quality images with no X
Great the filter. No X. Great price. Also comes with a case
2020/08/31 00:00:00
Great ND Filter!
I have tried a number of variable ND filters and always had issues in the past. One fell apart, so I got a replacement and it fell apart as well. Several left hues on the photo, or dark edges. One would put a large dark X across the phot at higher stop settings. So, I have given up and purchased several single stop ND filters. I saw the K & F Concept ND8 to ND128 Variable Neutral Density Filter Slim Fader and its great reviews and thought I would give it one last try. After testing it out, I was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed by the purchase. It’s definitely a keeper!!Upon receiving the filter, I was immediately impressed by the build quality of the filter. It was slim and very sturdy. Almost as important to me is the quality of the case. The case seemed well constructed as well and not as prone to crack and hinge issues as with previous filters. This is also the first variable ND filter I have purchased that had hard stops at the min and max settings. Every other filter I owned has turned 360 degrees, without anything to stop you from going beyond min and max values. With the old filters, I had to look at the filter to see the min setting and make sure I didn’t go beyond the max setting. With the K & F Concept filter, I can turn the filter while looking through the view finder and not worry about going beyond the min or max ND settings.I took the filter out for a spin on my Canon R5 and took shots of the sky, sun and a water falls. I was going to take shots at min, max and without the filter and then compare the shots for color, hues and edges. The filter went on easily and removed easily. No need for pliers or heavier equipment to remove the filter after it is screwed on. Again, I loved the hard stops and not having to look at the filter to see if it was not beyond the min or max values. Turning the filter was smooth. The max setting was enough to stop the motion of a water falls in bright sun, but not too much so I couldn’t see through the viewfinder.Looking at the photos after the shoot, I didn’t see any color differences between the photos taken at min, max or without the filter, the edges weren’t dark and most importantly, I didn’t see an X at the max value! I love the filter and it will take a permanent spot in my back pack, while I can remove several single stop filters. If you have been disappointed by variable ND filters in the past, or are looking for a variable ND filter, the K & F Concept ND8 to ND128 Variable Neutral Density Filter is a great choice. I was happy with this filter and you will be too!!
2020/07/27 00:00:00
K&F Variable ND Filter- Hard Stops & Best Bang for Your Buck
When I ordered the K&F variable ND filter, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of quality and the coloring that would be achieved when my images were rendered. However, the colors do not shift at all, and I was pleased with how nicely they pair with the Sony A7iii and A7riii. As an owner of both Polar Pro and Tiffen filters, I must say this filter is a cost-efficient product, coming in at half the cost of the Polar Pro filters I own. Even better, is that this filter has hard stops so you don't get that X when you go beyond the filter’s limit. If you're on the fence about ordering this product, I highly recommend trying it out. Below, I've added a couple images where the K&F variable ND filter was utilized- one shows the filter on my Sigma 135mm f/1.8 Art, and the other demonstrates a portrait I took while using it.
2020/03/21 00:00:00
Amazing for both Video and Photography
I use this both in the studio to drop my F-stop, and for Video. Used it on professional shoots with my RED, and smaller shoots with my Fuji. Haven't pixel peeped it, but during my edits, I notice no desegregation or X. The best variable I've seen, and absolutely a steal for the price.
2020/03/10 00:00:00
Can't beat it for the price
For the money you can't beat this product, especially for video. The variable control allows for a much better control over lighting conditions that gain (or iso) alone. Love it and would recommend when you need to shoot in direct sunlight.
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