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K&F KF-401F WiFi Trail Câmera 5 milhões Sensor 24MP 1296P HD ao ar livre para monitoramento de animais selvagens à prova d 'água à noite com câmera infravermelha de caça

Modelo: KF35.007

Can the hotspot generated by the camera be hidden? Can others see that there is a the hotspot being generated? Can anyone with the app access camera?
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I don't think you can hide it. And yes, others can see the hotspot. But you have to be pretty close to the camera, like a few feet away. It doesn't have a strong signal.
The hotspot can’t be hidden. Yes others can see it. But it’s only there when you turn it on and automatically shuts off after a minute if not in use. It’s turned on by a remote that is included. You need the password to connect.