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K&F KF-401F WiFi Trail Câmera 5 milhões Sensor 24MP 1296P HD ao ar livre para monitoramento de animais selvagens à prova d 'água à noite com câmera infravermelha de caça

Modelo: KF35.007

I bought this but the app will not work so I am about to return. Anyone have any luck with wifi control?
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if your app is loaded onto your tablet, make user the tablet disconnects from your home wifi network - then look to connect your tablet to the SSID from the camera. (you may need to use Bluetooth, first - to connect to the camera, and turn on it's wifi). then, when your tablet can see the camera wifi SSID, connect to it. now the app on the tablet can control the camera.
I had the same issue. You have to be within range for the wifi to work. I believe it is 65 ft. Plus you have to use the remote. I had to go back and the the instructions again before I could get it to work. If you can get it to work it takes hreat pictures and video.
The app works great. Just make sure you are connected to the WiFi signal the camera is putting out.