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You will find some of the frequently asked questions about products. If you cannot find here an answer to your question please contact us

Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel. This number is always preceded by a "?" (diameter) symbol. Eg. ?52 = 52mm thread size.

"X" cross on images is a common issue with wide angle lenses and variable ND filters. Physics limit the capabilities of variable ND filters on wide angle lenses.
When you enter the edge of the max range,the "X" issue may appear on your image. Because you are using it beyond its capability according to the laws of optical physics,which will inevitably cause this phenomenon.
For this series, front thread diameter is bigger than the back thread diameter.
for example:
Back thread diameter (attach to lens): 40.5mm
Front thread diameter (attach additional filter/other accessories): 43mm
Variable ND filter size other accessories size
37mm 40.5mm
40.5mm 43mm
43mm 46mm
46mm 49mm
49mm 52mm
52mm 55mm
55mm 58mm
58mm 62mm
62mm 67mm
67mm 72mm
72mm 77mm
77mm 82mm
82mm 86mm
It is a normal phenomenon if you want to use ND filters together or ND filter with other filter, like ND2+ND4,ND4+ND8,ND2+ND8 or ND2+4+8,ND filter+UV, the photo effect will become to light pink color, you could set "white balance" as "AUTO" to improve it, but will not be completely disappeared.
When use the filters on telephoto lens,it has much requirements on material,manufacturing process and coating, Generally requires to use the high-grade optical glasses, twin polishing process, multi-coated , we recommend K&F Nano-X CPL.
A polarizer is actually two pieces of glass set in a filter ring that screws onto your lens. The outer piece rotates, and as you look through the viewfinder you'll see the effect of the rotation. so when attach it to lens please make sure you rotate with the inner gear-shaped ring instead of outer piece, or it will rotate for 360