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J12 Mini Projetor Projetor de filme externo com tela de projetor de 100 polegadas, 1080P, compatível com stick de TV, videogames, HDMI, USB, TF, VGA, AUX, AV [padrão europeu]

Modelo: GW49.0001EU

Will my apps on my phone work with this product?
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Yes so far all my connections with apps work. I have iphone and i use the hdmi iphone adapter and am able to play. Hulu, disney+, youtube, netflix and even an anime app i use. This projector is the best one ive used. Only sucky part is if you have kids: they will guarentee take this from you and perminatly set it up in their room
Yes you have to have a cord to hook your phone up to it