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Auscultadores Bluetooth Bluedio U2 (UFO) Active - Branco

4.5 12 comentários Modelo:02A00035W
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  • 02A00035W
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Auscultadores Bluetooth Bluedio U2 (UFO) Active - Branco
  • • 【Serviço de nuvem dupla】 U2 suporta Alibaba Cloud Computing e outra plataforma de nuvem. Os usuários podem baixar o aplicativo para realizar o controle de voz, como tempo de consulta, previsão do tempo, eletrodomésticos de controle de voz e assim por diante.
  • • 【Topo Al-Ti Alloy Material de aviação】 U2 é muito bem trabalhada com o material de alto nível da aviação: Al-Ti liga, que apresenta um desempenho de alta resistência com extrema leve. Inquebrável, durável e resistente a quedas.
  • • 【Tecnologia de Acústica Exclusiva PPS 8】 Quer que sua música seja profunda, poderosa e equilibrada? A exclusiva tecnologia PPS 8 da Bluedio torna-a realidade. Com o novo design inovador de 8 drivers, cada frequência é reproduzida com precisão para uma experiência de audição de alcance total.
  • • 【Confortável Vestindo】 Os fones de ouvido do U2 são adotados com design over-ear e acolchoados com espuma de memória que é rica em proteínas. É muito macio e ventilado. Tudo o que queremos fazer é trazer-lhe conforto, proteger os seus ouvidos e dar-lhe uma nova sensação de uso.
  • • 【Bluetooth 5.0】 O U2 adota o Bluetooth 5.0, que tem baixo consumo de energia e torna a transmissão do sinal mais estável e mais rápida.
Wireless Bluetooth Smart Headphone
Inheriting the outstanding sound quality of UFO series, U2 adopts 8 drivers to allow the music to be powerful and balanced. On this basis, it adds smart cloud service. With a huge amount of resources, you can ask what you want to know easily.
Pioneer of bluetooth to cloud connection technology
Step ahead of the cutting edge technology Lead an amazing convenient life
Smart voice control hands-free experience
Press the MF button twice and you can enjoy abundant resource (Partial function will be realized gradually, as the cloud system is under construction)
Embrace with dual cloud service
Supported by Alibaba cloud and Amazon cloud based services, UFO headphone offers you a massive amount of resource. (Simply download APPS on the market; you can enter into various cloud services platforms)
More ideal Bluetooth free transmissionrange(up to 10 m rectilinearly)
Quick connection
Fast & stable
Lossless transmission
Superior sound
Clear calling
Crystal voice
Smart control your home appliances
You can easily voice control your smart home, as long as your home appliances are connected to Alibaba or amazon-based Cloud service. Bring easier, more convenient life experience.
Turn off the TV
Turn off the light
Turn off the humidifier
Power on sweeping robot
Equipped with 8 drivers unit pps8-Physical positioning surround sound
Thanks to up to 8 flagship premium driver unit, it gives you an immersive sound experience, Frequency response reaches up to 5Hz-25KHz, owing to two 50mmΩ subwoofer units and six 20mm 32Ω Treble Midrange units. Utilizing precise Acoustic Positioning Technology, and skillfully adjusting 8 drivers unit, we successfully simulate marvelous 5.1 soundtrack effect.
Robust as iron
Stretching arm and other key parts of the headphone are reinforced with metal. We guarantee that the headphone can go through time testing , as it successfully passed a series of strict durability testing.
Comfort wearing
With skin-friendly protein ear pads and memory sponge, let the headphone comfort your soft ears, It’s suitable for long time wearing, preventing any leaking sounding as well.
Tips: The headphone may clamp your head atfirst (It varies from person to person), as it's made of high rigidity material. Therefore, it will be comfortable for your ears after a specific period of wearing.
① Bluedio UFO headphone X1
② USB charging cable X1
③ User manual X1
Attached free accessories
① Headphone carrying case X1
② Carrying case buckle X1
③ 3.5MM gold-plating audio cable X1
Transducer type:
Bluetooth version:
Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency range:
2.4ghz-2 48GHZ
Operating distance:
Up to 10m( free space )
Φ50mm * 2 e Φ20mm * 6
Resposta de freqüência:
0,3% ~ 3%
120 dB
até 24Bit @ 48KHz
Tempo de música Bluetooth:
Cerca de 25 horas
Tempo de conversação Bluetooth:
Cerca de 28 horas
Tempo de espera:
Cerca de 1300 horas (cerca de 50 dias)
Avaliação geral   4.5   
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2018/09/21 00:00:00
Quality of sound is excellent!
Bluedio U2(UFO) Active Smart Bluetooth Headphones Patented 8 Drivers Speakers Over Ear Wireless Headsets with Voice Control,Dual Cloud Service, Mic for Phones (White-Silver)These headphones are for listening to music, my passion and my only pastime. I'm slightly disappointed that the high frequency response is not as sharp as I hoped it would be, but it's better than my other UFO (version one). This may be due to the fact that at 75 years old, my hearing is not quite what it used to be. I'm saving to buy the VICTORY or the UFO PLUS with 12 drivers instead of 8, but that won't be for awhile yet. Meanwhile, I'm crazy in love with the color of my U2's, and the bass is absolutely astonishing! I've been a Bass-head ever since I was a kid, building my own speaker cabinets and buying large diameter speakers down in Cortland street, looking for more bass. Thank you, Bluedio, for making an old man happy.Juan A. Moreno-TurullUpdate: I reiterate my minor displeasure with the high-frequency response of this headset. Also, I was offered a partial refund based on a coupon applied to this item a day after I purchased it, but as of yet, I haven't seen that refund posted in my bank account. I hope Bluedio hasn't forgotten me.
Quality of sound is excellent!
2019/01/30 00:00:00
Great product
I love the Bludio brand, these are my second pair of Bludio headphones (for no reason other than I misplace everything, my first pair still work great at nearly 4 years old). The sound quality is great and headphones comfortable regardless of what I'm doing. I use these when I run, clean, mow lawn, blow snow, and so much more.
2018/10/22 00:00:00
This has been a great set of headphones so far.
I have really been happy with these headphones. This is my second set of Bludio headphones. I had the T3 prior. I really liked them but they broke after about a year of use. The UFO are supposed to be partly made from titanium. So, hopefully they will hold up better in the long run.Sound wise, these do sound better than my T3 did. The bass is about the same. Maybe a bit punchier. The sound mix however on these are incredible. Very nice balance between the crisp highs and the nice mids and the bass. The headphones have 8 drivers (4 per ear) and that makes for a nice mix of sound. If you like separation, which is something I love in music, it gives a nice 3D type sound to your music.They do get a bit heavy after a while of use. I seem to be able to use them longer than I did with the T3 though. So, improvement on the comfort but it could be better.The battery life seems to be very good with them. They will automatically shut off if left in standby for too long. They are not noise cancelling but they are noise isolating since they are over the ear. With the volume up you can't really hear what is going on around you, so if you are trying to drown out ambient sound, you will not be disappointed.Overall I have been very happy with them. I use them on a daily basis at work. They sounds sweet and so far they have been holding up nicely. Oh yeah, they also come with a very nice hard case. This is a huge improvement over the T3 that came with a velvet bag. They are about $50 more than my T3 that I had but I believe the improvements make it well worth it.
2018/09/18 00:00:00
Great sound, small ear cups
The sound from these headphones is amazing. Returned Sony XB950B1 for the U2s. The ear cups are small enough that I would categorize these headphones as on ear, not over ear. I have average sized ears. Initially I found noticeable discomfort associated with the ear cups that caused me to have keep adjusting the headphones. This seems to have lessened over the short time I have had the headphones. Additionally, pressing the increase/decrease volume buttons requires enough force that it makes the ear cup compress against the ear. I found that this can be mitigated by holding the round silver part where the volume is with ring finger, pinky, and thumb and using index finger to press volume/track. Rather than pressing the volume/track button with just index finger. I cannot emphasize enough how good these sound, and I have only listened to them so far with blue tooth. Will update after listening wired. I would give these a 4.5 star rating if I could.
2018/09/17 00:00:00
Great sound
Wow everything I was expecting
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