TC2335 (Laranja) Tripé de Carbono Portátil Leve para Fotografia de Viagem

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Modelo: KF09.066
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TC2335 (Laranja) Tripé de Carbono Portátil Leve para Fotografia de Viagem
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  • • Tubo de tripé feito de fibra de carbono de qualidade, pode anti-dobrado 180 graus inversamente e instalar invertido, a altura dobrada é apenas 13,6 '' (345 mm) o tripé de câmera peso líquido 1,85 libras, menor o suficiente para ajudá-lo a uma viagem conveniente.
  • • Coluna central invertida instalação para realizar o menor tiroteio de pesca, tiro macro, ou outra fotografia especial.
  • • Cabeça de bola de 360 ​​graus com nível de bolha fornecer-lhe uma vista panorâmica.Tree sistema de ajuste de ângulo de perna de posição fornece tiro flexível.
  • • Design de coluna central com gancho anexado ao saco de areia aumentando a estabilidade, com design de pés antiderrapantes para manter o tripé steady.Max peso de carga é 26,5 lbs / 12kg para desempenho ideal.
  • • Especificações do tripé: pernas de fibra de carbono de 23 mm e 5 seções. Altura dobrada: 13,6 ". Altura estendida: 53,1". Peso Líquido: 1,85 libras.
TC2335 Thunder
Tripé de carbono para câmera DSLR
Parâmetro do produto
Seções 5
Altura mínima
12,9 "(33cm)
Altura máxima de
53,1 ″ (134,8 cm)
13,6 ”(34,5 cm)
8 camadas de fibra de carbono
100% de fibra de carbono é mais leve e mais segura
Pequeno e leve
Peso: 1.52 lbs (0.69kg) / Altura dobrada: 13.6 "(34.5cm)
Fotografia panorâmica de 360 ​​°
Capacidade de carga de 11.8KG
Junta de borracha e ficha de segurança traseira
Cabeça esférica giratória de 360 ​​°
Ajuste de ângulo arbitrário em ângulo lateral de 90 °
Tiro lateral
Tiro para baixo
Tiro para cima
Fotografia de baixo ângulo
O disparo de ângulo mais baixo, o disparo macro e a
fotografia especial podem ser conseguidos através do eixo central invertido.
Gancho de Rebote Automático
Objetos pesados ​​podem ser pendurados para aumentar a estabilidade
180 ° reflexo
Faça armazenamento e transporte mais conveniente
Fácil de transportar
Tubo feito de
fibra de carbono de alta qualidade , pode ser 180 °
reflexed , betterportability.
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TC2335 (Laranja) Tripé de Carbono Portátil Leve para Fotografia de Viagem
2019/06/23 00:00:00
For traveling
There are many tripods that are carbon fiber and will run in the high dollar range up to $1,000. This tripod does exactly what it states, it's light weight and is great for long hikes. But the sturdiness is lacking, you MUST use a counter weight to keep the tripod sturdy. Additionally the height leaves something to be desired, but again the height is in the specifications. I got this tripod for the sole purpose of having a tripod for long backpacking trips and it's done the job.
TC2335 (Laranja) Tripé de Carbono Portátil Leve para Fotografia de Viagem
2019/05/24 00:00:00
This thing is perfect for me!
This tripod is everything I wanted it to be. Great build quality, lightweight, sturdy and easy to operate. It's perfect for traveling with my micro four-thirds camera.
TC2335 (Laranja) Tripé de Carbono Portátil Leve para Fotografia de Viagem
2019/05/21 00:00:00
Why this has earned my 5 star rating
 I am a professional photographer and there are times when camera shake even on a tripod would ruin my pictures, and being that I am in Alaska there are times when these pictures occur very far from any paved road. So as much as I want to start a tripod I also need it to be light, and this tripod has achieved both being sturdy and being a light. As matter fact it has successfully replaced my other tripods!
TC2335 (Laranja) Tripé de Carbono Portátil Leve para Fotografia de Viagem
2019/05/19 00:00:00
Light weight and compact size
This K&F Concept TC2335 tripod is really compact, the legs fold back over the ball-head and up against the center column, which makes this a great feature if you're looking for a tripod that you can take it anywhere. It also comes with a nice carrying bag ready for travel. This is a nice think if you need to walk any distances with your tripod, plus it will easily fit inside an average sized suitcase, even airplane carry-on luggage.The reason I purchased this tripod was to use it outdoors while hiking and for photographs of landscape. This tripod is capable to stand little over 53 inches tall or with its reversible center column get as low to the ground as you would want for macro photography. You can also replace existing head and put any head you want.Center column is designed with hook that you can use to attach sand bag, or just hang your hiking back pack to increase tripods stability. It has non-slip rubber feet to keep it steady. Max weight load is listed as just little over 26lb.With Tripods folded length of less than 14”, carry bag and weight just shy of 2 pounds it’s no wonder that it is my favorite to take it to all my outings. And with tripods 5 section legs it makes the tripod pretty versatile too.
TC2335 (Laranja) Tripé de Carbono Portátil Leve para Fotografia de Viagem
2019/04/29 00:00:00
Great lightweight tripod, great method for closing
Ive been using a basic tripod for my camera for the past year but the sacrifices I made to have it be lightweight wasnt worth it. I decided to get this one since it is carbon fiber and it collapsed a different way then the standard tripod.I just LOVE how this collapses, it lets the head of the tripod be within the legs of the tripod when collapsed. This allows me to actually use it to mount the camera upside down as well.Great tripod, its my go to travel tripod now.

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