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100x100mm ND1000 Filtro + Suporte De Metal + 7pcs Anéis Adaptadores

R$312 R$235 &Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
Modelo: SKU1495
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept 100x100mm nd1000 filtro + suporte de metal + 7pcs anéis adaptadores online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • Em stock: Existente
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  • • feita com vidro premium da Alemanha Optics, que revestimento multirresistente de 20 camadas, anti-risco, repelente de água, óleo & pó resistente apto para os rigores da fotografia de aventura.
  • • O suporte do filtro é feito com metal, permitindo o uso criativo de correção de luz ou efeitos especiais. Basta deslizar em diferentes filtros para tirar fotos bonitas e coloridas.
  • • Há 7 adaptadores de anel de filtro, incluídos 52mm / 58mm / 62mm / 67mm / 72mm / 77mm / 82mm, permite que você use o filtro nd em seu tipo de lente de câmera de tamanho.
Filtro Quadrado ND1000
A tecnologia de revestimento multirresistente reduz significativamente o reflexo e o efeito fantasma da lente, ao mesmo tempo em que torna o filtro resistente a arranhões, repelente à água, à prova de óleo e poeira para os rigores da fotografia de aventura.
O filtro Feature
ND1000 oferece 10 reduções de f-stop e é feito com vidro premium Optics da Alemanha.

Revestimento multi-camada

Vidro de cor primária HD
resistente a arranhões
Alto grau
de redução
transmitância de luz
Vidro óptico de cor primária ND1000- espelho parabólico duplo
Espelhos de vidro sem duplo movimento, especialmente aqueles com maior distância focal, estão borrados.
Resistente a riscos
O filtro anti-arranhões, repelente à água, resistente a óleo e poeira, é adequado para os rigores da fotografia de aventura.
Revestimento de vidro de cor primária
As gotículas de água são redondas.
Outras lentes
Gotas de água espalhadas.
Sem filtro
nd 1/6 "velocidade do obturador
Com Filtro ND
2.5 ″ Velocidade do Obturador

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100x100mm ND1000 Filtro + Suporte De Metal + 7pcs Anéis Adaptadores
2019/04/25 00:00:00
Absolute game changer
This is amazing to find a great quality ten stop ND filter for cheap I have not noticed any vignetting or color change because of this filter or any noticeable loss of sharpness will definitely tell my friends to buy it
100x100mm ND1000 Filtro + Suporte De Metal + 7pcs Anéis Adaptadores
2019/03/25 00:00:00
Suprisingly Great
To be honest I was really hesitant to purchase this, however the price intrigued me enough to give it a try. I have to say this ND Filter is right up there with the best. It comes nicely presented and the case to store it in is great. There have NOT been any weird coloration in. The glass is high quality and easy to clean. Honestly I love this ND Filter.
100x100mm ND1000 Filtro + Suporte De Metal + 7pcs Anéis Adaptadores
2019/03/06 00:00:00
Best Value for entry into 100mm filter use
This is tough to beat. Not only do you get a 100mm GLASS (not plastic) 10-stop ND filter, but you also get the filter METAL mount and multiple METAL lens adapters. Even if you need to buy step-up/down adapters because the ones included do not fit your lenses, this is still a bargain. Even though this comes in at well below the price of other 100mm 10-stop filters (without the mounting system), it performs excellently.My unit doesn't produce any noticeable color cast, but I also shoot solely in RAW, so a color cast wouldn't be an issue anyway. The case for the filter is firm, so I don't worry about it very much when it's in my camera back, and the soft lining keeps the filter safe from scratches (so long as nothing coarse gets inside, of course). Better still, the filter mount features a second slot should you wish to use additional 100mm filters (e.g. graduated filters). I point out the size because this is the "standard" in these filters, rather than the more common 80-something mm ones you see in comparably-priced square ND filter bundles that use smaller, cheaper plastic filters instead.The only issue I found, and this is really just nitpicking at this point, is that the filter mount never really feels very securely attached to the lens. The filter and mount won't fall off if the camera is moved or tilted forward, but the mechanism that attaches the mount to the lens adapter could be a bit tighter fitting in my opinion. Nevertheless, great product at a great price. Anything "better" will be considerably more expensive, and even then, how much "better" will it be?
100x100mm ND1000 Filtro + Suporte De Metal + 7pcs Anéis Adaptadores
2019/02/17 00:00:00
Not so good packaging but good apparent glass quality
The item packaging was not as good as i expected while the filter and the holder came in separate boxes the adapter rings were just strewn about in the bag, it was a good thing they were not damaged, i have yet to test the actual filter compared to my lee big stopper.
100x100mm ND1000 Filtro + Suporte De Metal + 7pcs Anéis Adaptadores
2019/02/09 00:00:00
Great filter to have.
Great ND with no color flair. Took photo vacation to Ireland.
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