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ND1000 Filtro Quadrado 100x100mm + Suporte de Metal + 8pcs Anéis Adaptadores

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R$312 R$235
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  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre nd1000 filtro quadrado 100x100mm + suporte de metal + 8pcs anéis adaptadores online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • SKU1495
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ND1000 Filtro Quadrado 100x100mm + Suporte de Metal + 8pcs Anéis Adaptadores
  • • Feito com vidro Optics da Alemanha, com revestimento multi-resistente de 20 camadas, anti-riscos, repelente à água, óleo e poeira, adequado para os rigores da fotografia de aventura.
  • • O suporte do filtro é feito de metal, permitindo o uso criativo de correção de luz ou efeitos especiais. Basta deslizar em filtros diferentes para tirar fotos bonitas e coloridas.
  • • Existem 8 adaptadores de anel de filtro, incluídos 49mm / 52 mm / 58 mm / 62 mm / 67 mm / 72 mm / 77 mm / 82 mm, permitem que você use o filtro nd em seus tipos de lentes de câmera de tamanho.
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Filtro quadrado ND1000
tecnologia de revestimento multirresistente, reduzindo significativamente o reflexo da lente e os fantasmas, tornando o filtro anti-riscos, repelente à água, resistente a óleo e poeira, adequado aos rigores da fotografia de aventura.
O filtro ND1000 fornece 10 reduções de f-stop e é fabricado com vidro Optics da Alemanha.

Revestimento multicamada

Vidro de cor primária HD
resistente a riscos
Alto grau
de redução
transmitância luminosa
Vidro óptico de cor primária ND1000- espelho parabólico duplo
Os espelhos de vidro sem projeção dupla, especialmente aqueles com maior distância focal, ficam embaçados.
Resistente a arranhões
O filtro anti-riscos, repelente à água, óleo e poeira é adequado para os rigores da fotografia de aventura.
Revestimento de vidro de cor primária
As gotas de água são redondas.
Outras lentes
Gotas de água espalhadas.
Sem filtro ND
Velocidade do obturador de 1/6 ″
Com filtro ND
2,5 "Velocidade do obturador
Avaliação geral   4.7   
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This kit helped me get some great shots!
Wow! Wow! Wow!
2018/09/30 00:00:00
This is a good one
I recently purchased this set of filters for my Nikon camera but they also fit other brand cameras I own. That is a huge plus for me. For the money, this filter set perfectly meets my needs. This set is good quality, comes well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I would recommend this set to others.
This is a good one This is a good one
2020/01/15 00:00:00
Great product for a great price
The pack looks premium, the glass is high quality. Love it for less than $100.
Great product for a great price
2019/12/08 00:00:00
A great budget-friendly option for filters
A few years ago, I started beefing up my camera equipment. I had a Canon 5D Mark IV camera body, but didn’t have great glass. So, I started my gear journey by upgrading my lenses. I now have four amazing lenses including a 70-200, 24-70, 100mm Macro, and a Wide Angle lens. After I finalized my collection of lenses, I started looking at accessories I needed to accompany those lenses and came up with a short list of items that included high-quality filters. The problem I had was that I needed to be able have filters that works with all my lenses. Buying filters for each one of your lenses can get really cost prohibitive. So, one solution I found was to get a square filter with step-down rings. K&F Concept has a great option for this type of set-up so I gave it a try.About a month ago, I shot photos at a wedding on a mountaintop in Tennessee. It was in the middle of the afternoon and the sun was super bright at the location of the ceremony. The venue was huge and I wanted to pack my camera bag somewhat light so that I didn’t have to struggle with tons of equipment. The square filter set from K&F concept was perfect for this type of work. The kit is lightweight and it makes it possible to use the one filter for several different sizes of lenses. During this wedding I was working with an 82mm lens and a 77mm lens as my primary glass. At the ceremony site, I had to quickly swap lenses and reapply the filter in order to get the shots the couple wanted. I found gaps in the ceremony where I could quietly and quickly change lenses and attach the filters without disturbing the event. It worked perfectly and even though some people might consider it cumbersome, I thought it was a lot easier than having to swap lenses and then screw filter into each lens.When using these filters, I shot exclusively in RAW, but did not perceive any color cast from the filters. The mount is solid and the filter is well-protected by the soft lining in the case. It’s very easy to attach the mount to the lenses and in my opinion is actually easier to work with than individual filters.I do feel like the lens adapter could fit a little more snuggly onto the camera lens, but I’m definitely not complaining about that and it is certainly not a dealbreaker. It’s just a tweak that could make the product even better than it already is.One of the most appealing features of this product is its price. At $73, it’s much more budget-friendly than purchasing a single ND1000 filter. This is a great set-up for beginners and professionals alike.
A great budget-friendly option for filters
2019/10/03 00:00:00
High Quality all metal construction
Nice finish with a excellent thumb lock. All metal parts that are machined to fit perfectly. Very nice product with first class glass. Made in England.
High Quality all metal construction
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