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K&F concept Kit de câmera e vídeo-microfone para YouTube, Vlog Windscreen 3,5 mm para telefone e câmera

4.9 17 comentários KF10.014
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R$269 R$308 12% OFF
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept k&f concept kit de câmera e vídeo-microfone para youtube, vlog windscreen 3,5 mm para telefone e câmera online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF10.014
  • Modelo: KF10.014
  • 269
  • • Equipado com um suporte de tripé de mesa profissional e suporte de telefone móvel, conveniente para o telefone móvel fixar diretamente a gravação;
  • • O triângulo da área de trabalho é equipado diretamente com uma interface de 1/4 de polegada, que pode ser conectada ao pan / tilt a qualquer momento ou diretamente para cortar e tirar fotos;
  • • O suporte para celular K&;F depende do modo de rotação PTZ, e o suporte para celular pode ser girado à vontade;
  • • O suporte do telefone K&;F é equipado com uma almofada de silicone para evitar que o telefone arranhe. A parte inferior é uma interface de porca padrão de 1/4 de polegada, que pode ser conectada a um stick de tripé / selfie;
  • • O suporte para telefone celular K&;F está equipado com uma posição de sapata, que pode ser conectada a equipamentos como microfones e luzes de preenchimento para realizar várias aplicações de um produto. O suporte para telefone K&;F pode caber em smartphones de 2,2-3,6 polegadas de largura, incluindo smartphones iPhone e Android
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Kit de microfone de vídeo com câmera K&F
Para YouTube Vlog Windscreen 3,5 mm para telefone e câmera
Microfone direcional
Apontador supercardióide 270 °, captador sensível
Mini laptop
Plug and play sem bateria
Tubo coletor de som de liga
Tratamento de anodização para proteger a interferência eletromagnética
Qualidade de som perfeita
À prova de vento e redução de ruído Melhorar a qualidade do som
Câmera DSLR
Uso de luz de beleza
Compatibilidade forte
Equipado com duas interfaces MIC de 3,5 mm
Tripé extensível de mesa
Fivela depressível
Interface de 1/4 polegada
Clipe de telefone
Sapata padrão
Interface de 1/4 polegada
Rotação de 360 ​​°
Sinta-se à vontade para mudar a direção do seu telefone
Lista de Pacotes
Suporte x1 / Clipe de telefone x1 / Algodão à prova de vento x1 / Linha de conversão de câmera x1 / Linha de conversão de telefone celular x1 / Manual x1
Comentários (17)
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Excellent sound quality for webex calls
This is an amazing mic! I hesitate to even add some sort of disclaimer, like it’s amazing *for the price*, because quite honestly, it’s AMAZING, period. The price just makes how great it is even more of a bonus. I was really quite impressed with this, particularly upon opening the box and seeing the accessories that came with the mic. It’s a pretty complete package for a portable microphone, and will allow you to do on the go recordings with your phone or camera. I got it to use with the Moukey mini tripod (see my separate review for that), which is also very impressive. The two work together well - the mic can either work on its own with the tripod, or you can attach it to either your camera or to the cell phone adapter that also attaches to the tripod. All in all, it’s super versatile. I took a pic of the mic mounted onto the tripod, but I didn’t have it hooked to my phone in the pic, although the reason why I like this capability so much is that it will allow for recording podcasts or songs (there’s a karaoke app I like to use on my phone lol). I’m very, very pleased with this mic. So far I have tried it out for sound for video, podcasting, and a few songs, and the sound quality is nice and clear. I am not picking up on much distortion at all, although the room I was using it in is the room I record in at home, so I have it set up for that. The noise cancellation is on par with my other (MUCH more expensive) microphone, which makes this a really impressive mic! Highly recommend if you are looking for a portable mic that will perform.
Excellent sound quality for webex calls Excellent sound quality for webex calls
2020/10/08 00:00:00
Light and easy to use..
Light and easy to use..
2020/10/03 00:00:00
Great Quality, Well-Made, Easy To Use
I really like microphone. The build quality is incredible and it feels extremely well made (no cheap feeling plastic on this one). It had some weight to it as well which tells me it likely can take some bumps or small drops and most likely be OK.It comes with 2 different connection cables, depending on what your device uses and 2 different covers for the mic itself. It has the basic foam one and what is referred to as a deadcat. The deadcat really does a great job blocking wind when filming outdoors in windy conditions.The quality of the microphone is superb and perfect for vlogging or just recording in general. I use this as my daily driver for recording videos. I was even able to get this to work with different action cameras with the appropriate adapters (not included).Also in the box is a cold shoe mount which is perfect for mounting this to your camera, phone, or action camera (some other not included accessories may be needed depending on your setup).All in all this microphone is awesome and it works extremely well. If you are looking for a great quality microphone for recording audio and don't want to break the bank, I would look no further!
2021/02/25 00:00:00
Great Product! Sounds great!
I love this mic! I am into vlogging and podcasting and it has been great for my phone. Great sound quality! Just make sure you have an adapter for the headphone jack if your phone doesn’t have one!
2021/02/21 00:00:00
Definite Sound Quality Improvement
Tried this mic on my Fujifilm X-T200 and noticed a definite improvement over the built-in mic. The dead cat and mini tripod are a plus too. This is a solid upgrade for anyone looking to improve their sound quality of their videos.Highly recommended.
2021/01/12 00:00:00

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K&F Camera Video Microphone Kit for YouTube, Vlog Windscreen 3.5mm for Phone and Camera -K&F concept