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TM2515T Tripé de Câmera DSLR 60inch para Canon, Nikon Fotografia

R$580 R$580 R$437 &Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
Modelo: KF09.046
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept tm2515t tripé de câmera dslr 60inch para canon, nikon fotografia online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
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  • • A coluna central se move de 0 a 180 graus, pode ser girada 360 ° na horizontal, para realizar o disparo panorâmico.
  • • Tubo de liga de alumínio de 25mm de diâmetro grande, a capacidade de carga pode atingir 22,04lbs (10kg), fornecer suporte de segurança e estabilidade para sua câmera dslr.
  • • Perna de 5 seções pode ajustar a altura de 15.35 '' para 60.62 ''; o peso N. com a cabeça esférica é de apenas 3,63 libras; pode ser 180 ° reflexo, que é super portátil com o saco de transporte do tripé.
  • • Pode ser girada em 360 graus, ajudando a expandir a faixa de atividade da câmera quando fotografar com panorâmica (o nível da bolha ajuda a avaliar o nível e a composição precisa)
  • • Ele pode ser transformado em monopé ou bengala sozinho para tornar sua fotografia mais diversificada. (Nota: Para a câmera com lente zoom telefoto, você precisa comprar um anel de montagem de tripé ou um suporte de lente telefoto para melhor equilíbrio)
DSLR Camera Tripod
Product Parameter
Sections 5
Minimum height
Maximum height
15.4″ (39cm)
Small and Light
Weight: 3.6lbs (1.7KG)
Folded height: 15” (39CM)
Non Rusting
The whole body made of aluminum magnesium alloy
360° Panoramic Shooting
Clear Scale
22lbs (10kg)
Load Capacity
Rubber gasket & Back security plug
1.1” (28mm)
Ball head
Large spheres are more stable
Low Angle Photography
Lowest angle shooting, macro shooting, and special photography can be achieved through inverted central axis.
Aluminum and
magnesium alloys
Dense sponge grip
O botão de travamento tipo espiral torna a operação mais fácil e rápida
15,4 "(39cm)
Fácil de transportar
Tubo feito de liga de alumínio de magnésio de alta qualidade, pode ser 180 ° reflexo, melhor portabilidade.
Informações do Unipod
Altura: 139cm

Informações do modelo
Altura: 175cm

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TM2515T Tripé de Câmera DSLR 60inch para Canon, Nikon Fotografia
2019/05/15 00:00:00
Great quality
Excellent tripod, do yourself a favour and buy this
TM2515T Tripé de Câmera DSLR 60inch para Canon, Nikon Fotografia
2019/05/08 00:00:00
Decent tripod for professional photographer
This K&F Concept DSLR Tripod is best tripod for macro photography in my opinion as well as for other photography. Let’s start at the top with ball head – I feel like the ball/socket diameter is larger than some other tripods, meaning more stability and strength when your camera is locked in place at an angle. Providing the best rotated 360 degreesThe pan and tilt motion are controlled via rubber-gripped knobs, which when twisted release the lock mechanism so you can rotate the camera in whatever direction you choose. Loosening one of the side knobs on the K&F Concept slightly allows you to maintain some resistance in the panning motion, ideal for precise panoramic shots or panoramas. A non-oil dampening mechanism helps keep the movement silky smooth.The centre column of the K&F Concept DSLR Tripod deserves special mention for its ability to be inverted 180°, allowing you to suspend your camera for close up macro photography The three aluminum tripod legs allow the tripod to extend to 60.62, with the center column extending completely to a maximum height as well. With an overall weight with ball head of only 3.63lbs, this lightweight tripod is ideal for travel. 5 sections leg can adjust the height with the twist-leg-locks, ideal for one-handed operation.
TM2515T Tripé de Câmera DSLR 60inch para Canon, Nikon Fotografia
2019/04/24 00:00:00
Worth the money.
What I like about it? is it's extremely light. The fasteners are solid. There is a monopod attachment,but why I bought this is the center column locks at 90° for some nice overhead shots.
TM2515T Tripé de Câmera DSLR 60inch para Canon, Nikon Fotografia
2019/03/24 00:00:00
Sturdy, versatile and portable
I had recently purchased a small Manfrotto tripod but it was too light and moved around when trying to take long exposures so I needed something sturdier. The TM2515T was recommended to me by a friend and with the all metal construction I figured it would be a better choice. It comfortably holds up my Sony A7Rii along with the battery grip.The bag that the tripod comes in is very nice and protective, it also comes with a smaller soft pouch to protect the tripod head. The tripod itself is very sturdy and has simple, easy to use locking mechanisms that hold the head in place right where I need it to be. The legs can extend to a crazy height and even then it is extremely sturdy and it includes a hook on the bottom to attach weights to weigh it down for windy situations. The tripod also folds down tio be very compact which makes it easy to bring with me on trips.There are two separate ball joints that lock in place using twist knobs and two seperate swivel joints that can also be locked into place. This allows for a ton of movement so you can put the camera right where it needs to be. The swivel joints turn extremely smoothly and I figure that people who do video can use that to their advantage.What I love the most about this tripod is the detachable tripod leg which you can combine with the head to use as a monopod. I do a lot of motorsports photography and this feature is super handy when using it to capture subjects in motion. Overall I love the tripod and I don't see myself switching to anything else for a long time due to the versatility and stability that this provides.
TM2515T Tripé de Câmera DSLR 60inch para Canon, Nikon Fotografia
2019/03/22 00:00:00
Great Tripod
I use it mainly for Macro photography, but it's a very good tripod all over. I like particularly the transversal column and the fact that you can lower the camera to the ground level, neither of these options being available in too many other tripods. Price is also reasonable considering the great functionality. Very happy with this purchase even though it took a few weeks to arrive.
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