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Tripé Compacto em alumínio, com coluna central transversa e cabeça BallHead - Mod. TM2534T - Dobrado 49cm / Alt. Max 171cm

4.8 411 comentários KF09.015
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R$679 R$739 8% OFF
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept tripé compacto em alumínio, com coluna central transversa e cabeça ballhead - mod. tm2534t - dobrado 49cm / alt. max 171cm online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • KF09.015
  • Modelo: KF09.015
  • 679
  • • As pernas de liga de alumínio se expandem em 4 seções e ajustam-se aos ângulos de 25, 50 e 80 graus de abertura, para permitir a realização de fotografias em diferentes ângulos e alturas.
  • • As pernas do tripé podem ser invertidas e dobradas em 180 graus, o que o torna compacto o suficiente para ser transportado em mochilas pequenas.
  • • Cabeça esférica, tipo "Ballhead", com sapata de engate rápido, pode ser girada em 360 graus. Possui ajuste independente para movimento panorâmico da câmera e inclui bolha para nivelamento horizontal. A coluna central pode ser tombada em 90º e então gira em 360º, conforme mostram as imagens, um recurso extremamente versátl que amplia as suas opções fotográficas na cena.
  • • Quatro seções de altura das pernas, com sistema Twist Lock (Anti-rotação): inovadoras travas emborrachadas combinadas com pernas anti-rotação, impedem que as pernas percam sua configuração acidentalmente. Este tripé super completo vem com uma coluna central de 2 seções: Obtenha a altura que você precisa e a máxima versatilidade para seus projetos fotográficos!
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Tripé Portátil e Multifuncional
Facilitar aos entusiastas da fotografia a fotografia panorâmica
Uma imagem mais perfeita e excelente capacidade de carga
CABEÇA DE BOLA DE 1.10 "(36mm)
Grandes esferas são mais estáveis ​​tiro
17.6 lbs (8kg) CAPACIDADE DE CARGA
Gaxeta de borracha e capacidade de plugue de segurança traseira
Síntese panorâmica mais precisa.
Fixe o tripé e mantenha-o na posição horizontal e, em seguida, faça-o rodar uniformemente.
O eixo central pode ser invertido para lhe dar a opção de disparar ângulos
A altura máxima é de 67,52 ”(171,5cm), a altura máxima dos midaxis é de 57,68” (146,5cm)
4,16 lbs(1,98 kg) / 19,29 "(49 cm) ALTURA DOBRADA
Tubo feito de liga de alumínio de magnésio de alta qualidade, pode ser 180 ° reflexo, melhor portabilidade.
Dobrável e portátil para transportar

Comentários (411)
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My New Favorite Tripod!
This tripod hit the nail on the head for the exact purposes I was looking for! I produce content via YouTube and for a long time now have been looking for an economical and safe way to record top down video and take top down photography. After visiting this items product page off and on for months I decided to buy and I do not regret a thing.Packaging:Very well put together. The unit comes in a single box with beautiful yet minimal branding. Inside the box was a very nice carrying case which contained everything else. The bag itself is very durable and I will certainly be using it as my full time travel companion thanks to the included shoulder strap. The tripod itself packs up inside and takes up a very small footprint when fully compressed to it's smallest sizing.Tripod:Everything on this tripod is built from high grade aluminum, ranging from it's legs, latches, and locking nuts. At full extension, meaning the legs and both inner pieces, it is honestly taller than I could ever find a use for. At this height I still found the unit to be very stable. If you are worried, there is a pull out hood on the underside of the center column that allows for the hanging of a sand bag for extra protection from tipping. The legs extend with the twist of a collar, making it easy to do while holding the tripod with your other hand. the center column locks in place with an aluminum locking collar and I had no issues with any slippage during my testing. What made this a MUST HAVE for me was the fact that there is an inner cylinder within the center column that comes out and can be positioned at a 90 degree angle, allowing for some very unique positioning not found on other products. This is perfect as it allows me to shoot video from a top down perspective without the need of building a fully dedicated rig. The column also retracts as depicted in the photographs for added stability and shortening of distance from the tripod base. Lastly, one leg easily unscrews for use as a mono pod!Ball Head:This was a nice added touch and something not found at this price point, especially from such a niche product with little market competition. The head easily locks in place and stays very secure. I had no problem mounting and using a DSLR, cage, grip, and Rokinon Cine lens attached which all together has some weight behind it. The quick release plate stays in place well and is very small, which is a huge plus for individuals like myself with bottom mounted SD card slots! The fluid motion is quite nice as well and allows for smooth panning. Lastly, there is a level on the ball head which will allow you to position the unit with a centered horizontal position.All in all I find this to have exceptional value and will be strongly recommending this tripod for all content creators I speak with.
My New Favorite Tripod! My New Favorite Tripod! My New Favorite Tripod! My New Favorite Tripod! My New Favorite Tripod! My New Favorite Tripod! My New Favorite Tripod! My New Favorite Tripod!
2017/09/26 00:00:00
Versatile Tripod
This tripod easily one of the best I have used. The materials all feel very durable, except the clips (more on that later), and will have no issues in strong winds. The entire head is metal including the plate that attaches to your camera and the quick release is metal. This was a very pleasant surprise as I was expecting plastic like my other tripod. The horizontal arm also offers unique perspectives that might not be reached otherwise.The only negatives I have found are the clips, shown in the photo. (They're the red parts on the tripod legs that you push in to raise the legs). Although I have not had issues this far, they feel a little cheap. They're still metal but as you press in they move and feel like they may fall off. Again, I have not had this happen and after inspecting them they look like they are attached well. The other negative I have found is the weight. As a travel photographer I look for light gear that will work well. This tripod is a little on the heavy side but has many features that I love, including the horizontal arm extension.Overall, good tripod and worth the money.
Versatile Tripod Versatile Tripod Versatile Tripod Versatile Tripod Versatile Tripod
2019/02/27 00:00:00
Professional tripod with lots of ways to set up.
So, I guess I really didn't know what I was getting into with this tripod. I was looking for something that was going to be well built and sturdy in windy conditions, since I've already been through 2 cheaper ones. I also really liked that it has a monopod configuration, since a monopod is something I have been wanting. This tripod is everything I was looking for, and then a lot more.I would consider this more of a professional tripod because of the cost and all of the configurations that it can be made into. However, by no means am I disappointed with this. I think this tripod will probably be the last one I buy for quite a while. The materials of the tripod seem to be excellent quality and the ball joint for the camera is robust enough that I feel like it won't wear out. The case and shoulder strap all feel good quality. Someone said theirs had a lot of grease that got everywhere, but I did not find this to be an issue on the one I received. While a couple of the screws did have grease, there was no way it could get on me unless I took the screw full out. I would recommend for anyone just looking for a good, sturdy tripod or someone who may need to mount a camera a special way, such as the macro mounting option.Pros:-High quality-Can be used as monopod-Attractive design-Lots of configurationsCons:-Cost
Professional tripod with lots of ways to set up. Professional tripod with lots of ways to set up. Professional tripod with lots of ways to set up. Professional tripod with lots of ways to set up. Professional tripod with lots of ways to set up.
2019/01/15 00:00:00
I really love this tripod!
I bought 3 tripods. So far for that, this has been an excellent tripod. This tripod to suit my needs well. 50% of my photography is indoor photography. I put Nikon on the tripod and stayed stable in the in the indoor photography. regardless of where and how I set up the tripod at all times, I can easily make sure I have my camera perfectly leveled.The pivoting center column is a great feature, Smooth swivel action, and ball head motion stayed stable. so I can get the perfect shot every time.It's lightweight and very compact when it folded up, its size very quite comfortable in the hand, fits well into my bag, so you can take this anywhere to shoot.This is a real professional tripod. I really love this tripod.
I really love this tripod! I really love this tripod! I really love this tripod! I really love this tripod!
2017/10/10 00:00:00
Superior performance!
 I am really happy with this tripod. It is great value for the money. It is versatile, portable, sturdy, and durable.The tripod has a decent folded height range and can be inverted to fit in the small shoulder bag that comes with the tripod. The stability is superior even with all legs extending to the longest.The ball head rotates 360 degrees, which includes a quick release plate and level. Monopod or walking stick can be easily converted by unscrewing the leg with foam protection. In addition, I really appreciate the feature of transverse centre column which makes my job easier.
Superior performance! Superior performance! Superior performance! Superior performance!
2017/09/05 00:00:00

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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Para saber como instalar a coluna central, consulte este vídeo https://youtu.be/3BvJKWNElRg. 
For how to install the center column, please refer to this video https://youtu.be/3BvJKWNElRg. 
It's included in the tripod you bought. Loosen the big three-pronged red nut at the top of the legs and pull the ballhead unit up until it comes up no further. Rotate the centre rod until its horizontal and push it back through the ball it came up through to stabilise it. Hope that makes sense. 
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