TM2534T Tripé Compacto para Canon Nikon Câmera DSLR fotografia 72inch Alumínio

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Modelo: KF09.015
  • Marca: K&F Concept
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TM2534T Tripé Compacto para Canon Nikon Câmera DSLR fotografia 72inch Alumínio
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  • • As pernas de liga de alumínio de 4 seções de 25 mm ajustam-se aos ângulos de 25, 50 e 80 graus para permitir fotografia de ângulo baixo extrema
  • • Compact As pernas do tripé podem ser invertidas e dobradas 180 graus, o que a torna pequena o suficiente para transportar praticamente qualquer lugar.
  • • A cabeça esférica de fluido suave gira 360 graus e inclui uma placa de liberação rápida e níveis de bolha. A coluna central em forma de hexágono se move de 0 a 180 graus
  • • QUATRO seções da perna: Obter a altura que você precisa e versatilidade final. Pernas Twist Lock com Sistema Anti-Rotação: inovadoras travas emborrachadas de borracha combinadas com pernas anti-rotação permitem configuração rápida e fácil, além de resistência a intempéries e poeira. Este tripé completo vem com uma coluna central de 2 seções: Obtenha a altura que você precisa e a máxima versatilidade .
Tripé Portátil e Multifuncional
Facilitar aos entusiastas da fotografia a fotografia panorâmica
Uma imagem mais perfeita e excelente capacidade de carga
CABEÇA DE BOLA DE 1.10 "(36mm)
Grandes esferas são mais estáveis ​​tiro
17.6 lbs (8kg) CAPACIDADE DE CARGA
Gaxeta de borracha e capacidade de plugue de segurança traseira
Síntese panorâmica mais precisa.
Fixe o tripé e mantenha-o na posição horizontal e, em seguida, faça-o rodar uniformemente.
O eixo central pode ser invertido para lhe dar a opção de disparar ângulos
A altura máxima é de 67,52 ”(171,5cm), a altura máxima dos midaxis é de 57,68” (146,5cm)
4,16 kg (1,98 kg) / 19,29 "(49 cm) ALTURA DOBRADA
Tubo feito de liga de alumínio de magnésio de alta qualidade, pode ser 180 ° reflexo, melhor portabilidade.
Dobrável e portátil para transportar

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TM2534T Tripé Compacto para Canon Nikon Câmera DSLR fotografia 72inch Alumínio
2019/07/27 00:00:00
Highly recommended...
Awesome Tripod. I love it in every way, Worth every penny! It is VERY sturdy, can go as high as a need, and lower as a wish. Great for any photographer. The ball head is a great for filming as well.
TM2534T Tripé Compacto para Canon Nikon Câmera DSLR fotografia 72inch Alumínio
2019/07/25 00:00:00
Great gift
Versatile, quick to change camera, various angles of shots possible, durable, good quality, light. It was a gift. My husband loves it.
TM2534T Tripé Compacto para Canon Nikon Câmera DSLR fotografia 72inch Alumínio
2019/07/21 00:00:00
Sturdy for 1DxMkii & 24-70mm lens
Great price point and quality of tripod! Handles 5.5 lbs with lens and body!
TM2534T Tripé Compacto para Canon Nikon Câmera DSLR fotografia 72inch Alumínio
2019/07/18 00:00:00
ストリートスナップを主に行っているので三脚を活用する機会は少ないのですが、物撮りで上部からのマクロ撮影を行う際撮影図となるとカメラ位置を固定させなければならないので、これまでは編集でクロップして調整して苦労してきましたが、今後はこの三脚を使用することによって効率よく撮影が出来ると思います。 センターポールが外せることで、カメラ位置が変えられ色々なアングルを選べるのは良く出来ていると思います。材質がアルミ合金製という事ですが、フレーム強度はまずまずだと感じました。自分の場合はこの三脚の構造や使用方法を考慮してAPS-Cサイズのカメラまでとしています。 総合的に見ると自由度が高く気に入ってはいますが、細部の仕上げや雲台のクオリティーの低さはチョッと及第点に及びません。挿絵の脚の角度調整のフック式レバーはエッジが鋭利で気を付けないと手を切る事があります。 また、雲台の出来が悪くカメラを載せた状態でセンターポールを斜めにした状態でネジを締めつけてもスルスルと滑って任意の角度で固定は出来ません。つまり垂直の0度か真横の90度の位置でしか固定できません。 俯瞰撮影を行わない使用の場合は、もっとしかっりした雲台に取り換えた方が良いでしょう。あとは耐久性ですがどれくらい使えるか気になるところです。 
TM2534T Tripé Compacto para Canon Nikon Câmera DSLR fotografia 72inch Alumínio
2019/07/17 00:00:00
An excellent choice for freelance photographers
In the past few months, I have purchased several tripods at various different price points and targeted use case to find out the relative benefit to the buyer when going up in price and whether they should go with either budget options or with top of the line prosumer offerings intended for professionals. If you are reading this review and you are personally stuck between several options in the market, you will finally have an answer you seek.This Kent Faith Concept tripod is really something, at $170 for the red variant, this tripod packs a c*ap ton of features some could either describe as gimmicks or truly groundbreaking. This tripod is mostly made out of magnesium-aluminum alloy, features grippy twist locks for the height adjust as well as metal latches for precise height and stability adjustment, extending and 90 degree bending center column, a superb metal ball head with a quick release plate featuring fluid rotation.In reality, there are three important features that make this tripod stand out. First off, the head. Instead of the 3-way movement done by the individual knobs found on a typical budget tripod head, this head features a metal ball. This allows for more finer adjustments, which in turn can save you time with setting up your shot. The head also features fluid rotating motion, which make it super easy to take panoramic shots or video. Second, this tripod features the ability to extend the center column of the tripod and convert it into a 90 degree arm. This opens up possibilities to take over the top shots, which is hard to recreate with other tripods out there, let alone with your hands. This also opens the possibility to setup your camera with complete 360 degree freedom. Third and last thing that makes this tripod stand out is the ability to fine adjust the individual legs and the center column. If you want stability, then you can spread out the legs, and if you want to take close up macro shots, you can remove the center column and put it back upside down.I would say that all of these additional features that the K&F Concept tripod has to offer really are worth that extra cash, as some of these features alone could justify partially if not all of the additional cost when comparing to tripods under $100, but that is because I see myself using these features more than once throughout the lifespan of this tripod, and having these features on hand makes me confident that I am able to use my camera with no compromises. If you are the type of photographer who seeks the absolute best tripod that could achieve or enhance your artistic vision, and you are in need of these bells and whistles, then by all means go ahead and get this. But for the majority of beginners out there, I believe it is a lot more important for them to invest this extra money on a better lens or filters or other accessories, as at the end of the day, those extras alone can make or break a photo.If you want more in depth review, fstoppers has a great article on this tripod which i recommend you check out.

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