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Luz de preenchimento RGB colorida luz de bolso LED portátil para fotografia luz multifuncional luz de preenchimento ao vivo iluminação portátil

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R$607 R$1.281 52% OFF
&Frete GRÁTIS nos países elegíveis
  • Marca: K&F Concept
  • Compre K&F Concept luz de preenchimento rgb colorida luz de bolso led portátil para fotografia luz multifuncional luz de preenchimento ao vivo iluminação portátil online, frete grátis e garantia de devolução de 30 dias.
  • GW51.0061
  • Modelo: GW51.0061
  • 607
  • • [Matiz, saturação, brilho, temperatura de cor ajustável] O matiz pode ser ajustado na faixa de 0 graus -359 graus; a saturação da cor pode ser ajustada entre 0% -100%; o brilho pode ser ajustado de 0% -100%; Temperatura da cor Pode ser regulada de 2500K (cor quente) a 8500K (cor fria), o display LCD integrado pode fornecer leituras precisas, permitindo que você trabalhe com mais eficiência
  • • [Características do produto] CRI≥97, TLCI≥97, bateria recarregável embutida de 7,4 V 3200mAh, porta de carregamento USB Tipo C, pode ser totalmente carregada em 2,5 horas e fornece 150 minutos de tempo de trabalho com brilho de 100%, tempo de trabalho Quando o brilho está abaixo de 100%, deve exceder 150 minutos.
  • • Design de porta de parafuso de 1/4: pode ser conectado à câmera, tripé, suporte de luz, panorâmica / inclinação, etc.
  • • 12 diferentes efeitos de luz de mudança de cor RGB, 36.000 mudanças de cor

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¡¡The best external light you can buy!!
Currently I have a small business, and when I needed light I always fell short. I decided to look for the best option and this was one of that option, I saw many reviews, and they all said it was a beast, so I finally decided to buy it, and I was impressed with its quality. It is heavy, robust, it is RGB, it serves to illuminate and to create excellent effects. I would recommend buying it with your eyes closed. They will not regret it. Thank you very much for such an excellent product! I will definitely buy more.
2021/04/17 00:00:00
Don’t bother
Wont stay attached to my hot shoe. Keeps falling off. Broke after 1 month due to it.
2021/02/15 00:00:00
Super premium product and powerful
It works great and it feels super premiumYou can charge it with usb c
2021/01/04 00:00:00
It's a good light
I feel like the range of white could be better doesn't seem to be 2500-8000k also the effects are cool but basically useless since you can't adjust the speed of the effect. Also it doesn't save your last known setting which is annoying it reverts to white after you turn it off
2020/12/26 00:00:00
Great value light when used right (see details). Recommended
I got the Pixel video light immediately following a less than great experience with a BOLING BL-P1. My goal was to find a decent cold-shoe, or stand-mounted, key light.The similarities between the Pixel and BL-P1 are numerous, yet the Pixel is quite a bit better.I guess I should get the good things out of the way first. The Pixel has impressive looking build quality, with a decent chassis and easy-to-use controls. In particular, I love that the controls can be operated from the front, or the back (though the OLED screen being on the back does limit you somewhat). The decision to use a USB-C connector, instead of a micro-USB or proprietary barrel connector, is much appreciated. It would have been even better if the unit supported USB PD. Supposedly it supports QC 3.0, but that doesn't seem congruent with the markings on the unit (or the charge time claim). The mounting options were good for my various needs - on camera and off camera. The built-in battery is adequate. The light is very easy to operate.For the all of the positives, it seems like there's a similar amount of negatives. One of the most obvious weaknesses, for me, is that the diffuser is completely inadequate. I don't care that there are SMD LEDs, but I do care that I can see them INDIVIDUALLY in highly reflective surfaces. What's the point of having a diffuser if I have to put the thing in a softbox anyway? Next, the light isn't all that bright - especially given its claimed brightness. That's important because this is a COLOR light, and the measured brightness is much different that if you've got the thing set to "white". While the color selection is versatile, I'm disappointed that the RGB color curve isn't very accurate. I know that the output of RGBW LEDs isn't very linear (or accurate), but a product like this should have the control settings remapped, based on the LEDs' output characteristics.... we aren't talking about decorative strips of 5050 LEDs strung up around a dorm room, after all.If you're the type of person that just is going to set the color based on what you see (and how you feel), then you'll probably be fine with this. For me, though, my setup consists of zeroing and leveling my still and video data against grey cubes, and planning out my color staging. However, I will use this for secondary and accent lighting, which doesn't require as much precision. The main reason why I like the Pixel, but hate the nearly identical BL-P1 is price. At about half of the price of the Boling, the Pixel is an awesome value. While it's not the most precise or versatile lighting accessory, it is convenient, super portable, and fairly priced. Recommended
2020/11/27 00:00:00
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